Fox Corporation Reaches Agreement to Acquire OutKick

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Fox Corporation (Nasdaq: FOXA, FOX) today announced an agreement via its subsidiary to acquire OutKick Media, LLC, a digital media platform founded and led by Clay Travis, and related assets. OutKick is an omnichannel leader in sports, opinion politics, and pop culture content across its radio, podcasts, online and social outlets, as well as one of the foremost sources of sports wagering information in the United States. Further, OutKick is in an exclusive marketing agreement with FOX’s partner FanDuel and serves as a significant source of sports wagering referrals.  

Fox Corporation Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Lachlan Murdoch commented: “As FOX further diversifies our growing digital portfolio and broadens our position in the sports wagering ecosystem, there could be no better acquisition than OutKick. Clay and his team have quickly made OutKick a content powerhouse with a very large, loyal and engaged audience. We expect the synergies presented across FOX’s existing portfolio of assets will turbocharge this exciting business.”

Travis added: “OutKick has grown out of my passion for producing bold, well-informed, and entertaining content about sports, current events and, more recently, sports wagering. With the power of FOX behind us, we look forward to maintaining OutKick’s unwavering commitment to that mission, as well as further accelerating the growth of our audience, and continued leadership in the sports wagering affiliate category.”

OutKick’s business spans multiple platforms and outlets. Clay Travis’ sports radio show reaches more than 10 million monthly listeners and is the No. 1 daily sports radio show in the mornings in the U.S.; the OutKick podcast network, which just launched in September, already notches more than four million monthly episode downloads. OutKick also monthly draws millions of users to its website, video posts and social media channels.

In addition, OutKick creates highly compelling sports wagering content, and currently has a successful, exclusive marketing arrangement with FanDuel. The OutKick platform is one of FanDuel’s attractive sources of wagering leads.

OutKick users are highly-engaged with the brand, making them an appealing group for advertisers. Approximately two-thirds of users are between the ages of 18 and 54, with more than 70% of them reporting a household income above $50,000 and nearly three-quarters being college-educated.

FOX plans to operate OutKick as an independent brand and leverage its content across its existing platforms. Clay Travis will remain integrally involved at OutKick and serve as its president.

OutKick Media is jointly owned by Clay Travis and Savage Ventures.  Savage Ventures will continue to have an operational role in the business going forward. Methuselah Advisors served as the exclusive financial advisor to OutKick for the transaction.

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  1. Howard Stern used to be earthy, funny, scathing, and made fun of people like Madonna, Oprah, Rosie O’donnell, and other arrogant fakers, poseurs, and pompous assess.

    Then Sirius Satellite gave him $500 million.

    He turned into a haughty limousine liberal and only wanted to hang around the people he used to skewer, and kiss their fat butts.

    PLEASE do not let this happen to you Clay. There are way too many people that believe in you and believe in your willingness to take on the woke culture, sports and otherwise.

    • meh, it probably will happen…wondering how the whole ‘i own my own company/content thing will go down’…i’m sure he’ll put his lawyer hat on and spin it real good for us dummies…

  2. I echo the comments above. The folks that work for corporations generally kowtow to the corporations. Clay spent a long time developing his reputation for calling it like he saw it. Fox has too many irons in too many fires to allow Clay to be the jalapeno in the pudding. Like Rogan at Spotify, I suspect before long we will begin to see the velvet handcuffs applied. I hope I am wrong. If Clay can pull this off and remain himself after going for the money I will truly tip my cap to him.
    Don Owens

  3. Lol. Typical media mogul in Murdoch thinking he will somehow keep will still keep the “passionate base” even though his goal is to turn this site into a corporate kiss up page that will continue to funnel sports betting revenue. Good luck.

    • Yeahhhhhh…right…”nothing to do with Whitlock”, says the ostrich.
      Fox Sports (where Jason worked and thrived) JUST REALIZED YESTERDAY that OKTC was looking to merge and save their hide from Big Tech cancellation. Know how many lawyers in DC have been blackmailed into turning down Republican work? You can look it up, Pa Bob…it’s A LOT.
      Know how many media companies have been de-platformed and have had their revenue sources cancelled because they espouse conservative views? Same answer…A LOT.
      Clay’s no dope. OKTC was gonna take a cruise missile up the wazoo in about 10 minutes, so Clay made the smart move.
      We’ll all hope for the best.

        • So he’s gone for months, Bob…but I see you’re still talking about him.
          You don’t have to admit Jason was part of the reason Fox looked at OKTC in the first place…you wouldn’t be able to connect the dots if there was velcro on the back of ’em.
          Find somebody else to grind your wisdom teeth on, Whit doesn’t need you worrying about his future.

          • I’m talking about him because he was brought up in this thread. You said that Outkick was going down hill because of Whitlock leaving and that Whitlock was right to leave over his petty $500k grievance. You were obviously wrong. How can you not see that by now? Clay’s show has been on Fox Sports Radio for years. You think Fox was unaware of Outkick until Whitlock jumped on board? You’re silly, pal.

          • So, Bob in PA…the guy who loves to say that Jason Whitlock is gone and we SHOULDN’T talk about him…but the guy who is sadly shackled with the dog whistle of having to bark every time the word “Whitlock” is mentioned.
            “He’s gone,” barks Bob in PA…”stop talking about him already!”

            Most all the VIPs on this forum can tell you how important Jason was to the “explosive growth” that Clay and Sam boasted about after the new year.
            The explosive growth wasn’t because OKTC was going to become a Southeast Regional Sports Powerhouse. It wasn’t because OKTC was cranking out Clay’s podcasts…he had been doing that for years. It wasn’t because of OK360 where three guys -good guys- sit behind small tables trying to figure out where to put their feet while talking sports. Others have done all that; and done it better.
            We know why Sam and Clay were so happy…because Big Sexy had joined the family and OKTC was moving to the next level of sports journalism with the best sports journalist working today. They said as much, that subscriptions were way up, too.
            The fact that the deal didn’t work doesn’t mean Jason is any less the great journalist, or any less the great voice in today’s politico-sports environment calling out hypocrisy and grifting.

            Here’s Clay’s own words re the acquisition:
            I came to the conclusion this spring that we needed scale, a big partner who could take our video, radio, podcasts, gambling, and website content to the proverbial next level. Over the past several months, many companies put in bids to buy OutKick.

            So, Bob in PA…Mr. Ad Hominum…the guy who tries to attack the person he doesn’t agree with by using silly derogatory names and adjectives when he feels his argument slip sliding away…you can believe that Clay bullshitted FOX into believing OK had many other suitors when they really didn’t, or you can believe Clay when he said they had numerous companies that wanted to acquire OKTC. Clay being on “Lock It In” (sports wagering) made him very visible, but he’s only a part of the show…hardly “the show”.
            All your barking, Bob, doesn’t mean an ounce of persuasion that you even have a clue.

          • Bob in PA: Clay’s show has been on Fox Sports Radio for years. You think Fox was unaware of Outkick until Whitlock jumped on board? You’re silly, pal.

            Yes OKTC was on Fox since Clay licensed his holdings to Fox in 2015. Previously (2014)he was hired by Fox to do sidelines in college football.
            So, yes, Fox knew Clay.

            Whitlock worked for Fox from 2007 to 2016. He created “The Undefeated” for ESPN after leaving Fox. Whitlock went back to Fox in 2016 and started “Speak For Yourself”, with Himself and Colin Howherd.
            So, yes, Fox knew Whitlock.

            Whitlock went to OKTC in mid-2020 and by year’s end all the talk about explosive growth was happening. Here’s some “dots”…see if you can figure it out.

          • Whitlock has nothing to do with Outkick anymore so to say that Fox was interested in Outkick because of Whitlock makes zero sense. They care that Outkick has an attractive target audience that they can sell ads to. Did Whitlock help build that audience? Yes, of course, but apparently the audience stuck around at Outkick after Whitlock left and that’s what matters to Fox. If Fox loves Whitlock so much they could hire him tomorrow. I don’t think they’re calling.

            Also pal, I’ve never called anyone a name on here. No idea what you’re talking about there. I’ve also never said that no one should talk about him.

          • Try reading, Rick. I said that Whitlock helped build an audience here. And outside interests were interested because of Outkick’s audience. The point is that they still see value in Outkick with out Whitlock’s presence.

            Regarding “sneering at one of the best sports journalists working today”. He’s not working.

        • Silly comment, Bob. Whitlock joined OKTC in June 2020…and as I said in an earlier comment that had no value to your mindset — FOX did just realize YESTERDAY that OKTC was looking to merge. OKTC’s numbers were trending and by year’s end the 2-man chorus was singing “explosive growth” and huge numbers.
          That wasn’t because of Clay’s podcasts…and it wasn’t because Mr. $42K/month in the back office was cranking out content.
          Just because the deal didn’t work…slowly, again…just because the deal didn’t work doesn’t mean you can cancel Big Sexy from the equation. By the time the deal fell through (unbeknownst to potential suitors) OKTC was a very attractive acquisition.
          But that had a lot to do with Jason Whitlock still there when suitors came calling,
          Try as you might to cancel stuff that makes you irritable…uncomfortable…your supposed indifference to Whitlock is belied by your continued surveillance of all things Whitlock. Find a new straw dog to bark at.

          • You make no sense Rick. Outkick has a readership that is valuable to advertisers. That’s why they got a deal with Fox. The point I’m making is that the departure of Whitlock didn’t deteriorate that readership to the point that outside investors/buyers were no longer interested. You’re still here and posting everyday.

          • Bob…you’re the guy trying to change horses in mid-stream, and like a dog with a particular bone you seem to like…you plan on chewing til either you upchuck or choke on it.
            You’re really not clever, though you try to show that you are.
            You rail and harangue that Jason Whitlock is GONE and we need to forget about him and DENY him credit for the growth that PKTC experienced since the Summer of 2020.
            That dog don’t hunt, Bob.
            You can claim Whitlock was NOT responsible, and you can sneer at Jason’s “sweat equity”, as you did in several posts after the fact, and you can say it was ALL CLAy (and I suppose SAM is included in your calculus).
            You can try til you’re choking on that bone to deny the facts. You can have any opinion you like. But the facts speak loudly about what happened.
            I’m replying to your continuing efforts to have Jason cancelled from this conversation, and you continue to pretend he had nothing to do with the recent success of OKTC.
            I’m NOT SAYING Fox thought they were getting the whole enchilada…of course Fox knew Jason was already gone…but I AM SAYING that when potential suitors were looking at OKTC as a possible acquisition…and when Fox first started thinking about the merger, Jason Whitlock was a big part of the reason OKTC looked so attractive.
            Now if you wanna go backwards and continue with the notion that Jason’s “sweat equity” is now up in the hills somewhere, well you go right ahead and sneer at one of the best sports journalists (and journalists) working today.
            But guys like you who insist on having the last word in every conversation will not have it here because you’re not the arbiter of truth in this matter.

  4. so, i already have Outkick pegged in a special place, if it’s to become just another ‘thing’ in the ‘ether’ i’ll lose track..certainly will not pay for it

  5. Not happy about this. Clay will not be able to speak his mind anymore. It was good while it lasted, but I’m betting this content will take a 180 now that they are owned by Fox.

  6. Like everyone else, I’m fearful of what will happen to Outkick. It was so refreshing to read unfiltered articles and comments. I highly doubt that unfiltered take on current events will be allowed. I was happy to pay to become a VIP because I felt Outkick represented the silent, canceled majority of the people who make this country great. I really hope Outkick can stay the course, but I’m a realist too.

  7. This is like marrying someone who has been divorced 5-6 times and thinking “but it will be different with me”. … When will Chris Wallace and Juan Williams be getting their own columns here ??????

  8. Happy for Clay and the crew. Hope they got a big payday. This site has been a source of sanity and humor for me for the past several months. Particularly enjoy Joe K’s and Bobby B’s work.

    To all the commenters, I too share concerns that Fox might start censoring things here. Given the crap they pulled with the election I’ll never be a Fox fan. So if that attitude starts seeping in here, I’m gone. Remember we do have power. If the editorial direction changes, we can cancel. Look what we’ve done to ESPN.

  9. Cancelled my subscription. If I wanted Fox Sports I would have paid for a subscription to Fox Sports not Outkick. If Outkick shows itself to be unchanged and consistent then I may subscribe again in the future, but I’m not real happy right now.

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