Former WWE Wrestler Virgil Claims He Had Sex With An Absurd Number Of Women Over His Career

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In one of the boldest claims of 2022, former professional wrestler Virgil, who served as Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase’s personal assistant, went on the record during a recent podcast boasting that he’s slept with one million women.

Virgil was asked about his prowess during a taping of The Breadstick Diaries podcast when the conversation turned to his total number.

Former WWE wrestler Virgil claims to have slept with one million women / WWE

“I don’t know, maybe like… worldwide? Probably a million,” Virgil told the show host before noting that his number “is more than Ric Flair.”

Is that even possible? C’mon, we’ve all been down this road before when Wilt Chamblerain estimated he’d bedded 20,000 during his heyday.

Let’s dive into the math for Virgil to make sure he understands just how stupid his claim is. I’m not a math expert, so let me know if the numbers are off here:

  1. Virgil is 71
  2. Let’s say he started his horndog ways in the 1960s at 16 years old and playing football.
  3. That means Virgil has had 55 years of sex.
  4. 55 years X 365 days = 20,075 days of sex.
  5. 20,075 days divided by 1,000,000 women = 49.8 sex partners PER DAY!
  6. Let’s round this up to a  whopping 50 sex partners per day.

Look, it’s clear Virgil is in a d–k swinging contest with Ric Flair because he’s the greatest of all time, but he could’ve given a legitimate number like 11,000 women to just beat Ric’s stated estimate of 10,000.

During a 2022 interview, Ric wanted fans to do the math on his claim by using 365 days (or even dropping down to 300 days to add in some vacation days) over 20 years during his prime pounding period.

  1. Let’s start with 365 days for 20 years = 7,300 days
  2. That’s 1.369 sex partners per day for 20 straight years
  3. At 300 sex days a year for 20 years, that’s 1.666666666 ladies per day.

Now we’re talking some real math that actually works. Ric made his wrestling debut in 1972 at 23 years of age and won the Mid-Atlantic Championship by 1975. Eventually the ladies lined up to ride Space Mountain and the rest is history.

Don’t laugh at Ric’s estimates here.

In the documentary 350 Days, Bret “The Hitman” Hart estimated he was on the road 300 to 320 days for 23 years.

In conclusion, Ric’s numbers add up. Virgil’s? Not so much.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. Virgil’s total absurdity sounds like he is auditioning to be a member of the Congressional Black Caucus. … That the bunch of intellectual whizbangs that: (1) think the astronauts landed on Mars … (2) believe sharks still patrol the slave ships routes after 400 years waiting for the next batch to be tossed overboard … and (3) is afraid the island of Guam will tip over if there are too many people on it. ….. Yeah, Virgil will fit right in with that gang.
    Houston’s notorious Sheila Jackson-Lee can get Virg a membership app.

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