Former WCW Star Buff Bagwell Arrested For Vehicle Incident

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Former pro wrestling star Buff Bagwell apparently crashed into a person who wasn’t expecting it, and it wasn’t inside the ring.

That’s against the law.

Bagwell’s real name is actually Marcus Alexander Bagwell. As TMZ relayed, the booking report showed Bagwell was arrested in Cobb County, Ga., on the afternoon of May 22 for multiple alleged misdemeanor violations.

He is facing five counts — hit and run, giving false information to a law enforcement officer, open container, following too closely and license to be carried and exhibited on demand.

So based on all that, Bagwell was allegedly tailgating another driver, with an open container in his vehicle, and didn’t have his license on him, though it’s clearly not been suspended. He also allegedly lied to the police about something or the other. But the biggie here, of course, is the hit-and-run accusation.

Bagwell, 51, wrestled for WCW from 1991 to 2001. He was a five-time World Tag Team champion. He also spent some time with WWE and TNA after that.

This is just the latest involving Bagwell and a vehicle. He was seriously injured in a car accident in 2012 and was involved in another crash last year.

Written by Sam Amico

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