Former Stripper Says She Made $160,000 In One Night Kicking A Man In The Balls

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Former Las Vegas stripper turned porn star, CJ Miles (no, not the former NBA player, as far as I know), has told the story about the largest tip she ever earned while stripping before. But she didn’t include very many details other than she used the six figures to purchase a home in the Philippines for her family.

The fan favorite said at the time, “There was this one guy who was such a fan for me he gave me my biggest payment – $180,000 for one night of dancing.”

“I used the money to buy my family a house in the Philippines. We grew up with nothing, so it felt amazing to be able to do this.”

Former Stripper CJ Miles
Former stripper made $160k tip in one night (Image Credit: CJ Miles/Instagram)

During a recent visit to the podcast Pillow Talk, CJ added some details about how she received such a large tip. Now, she does change the amount of the tip compared to when she first mentioned it, but we can blame that on a simple clerical error.

Whether it was $180,000 or $160,000 isn’t the point of the story. Either way it’s a huge chunk of change for a night of work leading us to one logical question. What did she do to earn a six figure tip?

According to CJ, she kicked the wealthy man in the balls for an hour. She told co-hosts Ryan Pownall and Emma Magnolia, “I think the biggest money I’ve made in one night at a strip club is $160k.”

“He wired me money…. for kicking his balls.”

CJ then demonstrated the money making move while Ryan held a pillow over his groin area. He was completely shocked that anyone would pay that much for getting kicked in the junk.

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He responded to having CJ kick his junk through the pillow by saying, “That’s crazy! That’s crazy! A guy paid you $160k to kick him in the balls for an hour? You bought a house from that?”

Ryan tried to dig for details about the man, but CJ wouldn’t spill any. She claimed she didn’t know the man’s background, but said he was “an angel.”

Talk about disposable income. Being able to drop six figures on getting kicked in the balls for an hour is a level of income we should all hope to achieve.

Is this the type of thing you can claim as a tax write-off?

Written by Sean Joseph

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