Former Seahawks CB Earl Thomas Arrested

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Current NFL free agent and former member of the famed Legion of Boom defense in Seattle Earl Thomas has been arrested in his hometown of Orange, Texas for violating a court protective order granted to his estranged wife, Nina Thomas.

A judge in Austin, TX had issued a warrant for Thomas’s arrest because he violated the protective order two or more times in the last year, a third-degree felony. So, when he was spotted at a local restaurant in Orange, someone called police, and he was then arrested without incident, per 12 News.

So, the actual arrest itself is not nearly as remarkable as his alleged history of violence, mental abuse, and adultery. The reason Nina Thomas had filed for a protective order while their divorce continues is because Earl had sent threatening text messages against her and their three children.

Per 12 News, Earl Thomas allegedly sent a text on April 18 claiming he had two handguns and that “Waiting on hand in foot is why I’ll kick ur ass.”

It gets worse. Nina allegedly held Earl Thomas and his brother at gun point two years ago when she caught them in bed with other women. Yes, women. Plural. Nina was charged with first-degree burglary of a residence with intent to commit aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, per TMZ.

Can you believe anyone would do such a thing? I mean, who has an extra-marital menage à quatre during a pandemic? I hope everyone at least wore masks.

But seriously, there seem to be no heroes in this story and a whole lotta villains. As Earl requests in the video, please pray for his children, who have to endure this dysfunction on a daily basis.

Earl Thomas last played in the NFL for the Baltimore Ravens, who released him in 2020 for punching a teammate. Thomas told ESPN last month that he hopes to return to the NFL, per 12 News.

That’d be pretty tough to do from behind bars though.

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