Former Pro Bowl OL Moving from California to Idaho So Kids Aren’t Locked Down

Jeremy Newberry, who played nine seasons at center in the NFL and made the Pro Bowl with the San Francisco 49ers in 2001 and 2002, is selling his big cherry farm property outside of San Francisco because he is sick of lockdowns in the region and wants his children to return to socialization.

“We’re going to move somewhere where our kids can actually go to school, go participate in sports,” Newberry told TMZ. “Somewhere in the country that’s open. I kinda feel like these kids are getting deprived from their childhood because everything’s locked down.”

“What is the future of this state?” Newberry asked. “Are they gonna go back to school next year? Are they gonna go back sometime later this year? We’re going on almost a full year now where these kids haven’t been in school, haven’t been allowed to do any extracurricular activity, any football, any dancing, anything. It’s time to give them a childhood that they deserve.”

Newberry, 44, told TMZ that he intends to move his family to Idaho, where the restrictions are less onerous. He says that the cherry farm (pictured above), which has an asking price of about $5 million, can pay off the mortgage and then some if it’s farmed adequately.

We are probably going to hear about a lot of people who reach a breaking point with states like California and New York and move to places where taxes and restrictions are not as cumbersome. However, I also bet those regions rebound to an extent, refilling with adventure seekers. For example, in September median home prices in Southern California went up 15 percent while sales were up by 22 percent versus 2019.

In summation: We shall see whether second and third derivatives of lockdowns wind up having harmful long-term effects on the economic vibrancy of regions that are particularly strict, to the benefit of those that are not.


Written by Ryan Glasspiegel

Ryan Glasspiegel grew up in Connecticut, graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison, and lives in Chicago. Before OutKick, he wrote for Sports Illustrated and The Big Lead. He enjoys expensive bourbon and cheap beer.


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  1. As an Idahoan, I pray he will not vote “California” while he is here.

    As to Idaho, we did lock down for several months, but a whole lot of businesses were considered “essential”, so it was mostly restaurants and bars that were hurt. By early summer, it was county by county. I think it would be hard for government to do it again, because at this point, we are all just living our lives. Prolly 50/50 as to mask wearing in Idaho Falls.

  2. i was on a plane a few weeks ago coming home from Pheonix and connecting in Charlotte (eventually to Tampa). my seat mate was a 28 year old nice fella that lives (or lived) in lake Tahoe. they were literally locked completely down most of the summer and again in the fall. he said they had lots of fun and he had multiple lady friends, and booze and weed and the view.

    he was heading to New Hampshire to be with family. i sensed he was leaving Cali for good; or until sanity returned. on my flight to pheonix i sat with similar aged girls leaving Arkansas for Arizona, which is open, but not quite like Florida.

    no Way that 80 million people voted for Joe Biden. No Way. that fart wants a national lockdown for his first 100 days.

  3. Cryin’, who wrote that last paragraph for you? You voted for this crap and you have a job, so you have the luxury to assess the impact of the second and third “derivatives” of lockdowns. Here’s the short cut answer: people are getting fucking crushed.

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