Trump Will Attend McGregor UFC Fight Saturday Night

The UFC is doing their part to Make America Great Again. Dana White, president of the UFC told TMZ that he’s expecting former President Donald Trump to attend Saturday’s UFC 264 in Las Vegas. The main event is a rubber match between Connor McGregor and Dustin Poirier. But the spotlight will undoubtedly be on Trump.


Outside of political rallies, this will be Trump’s biggest public appearance since he left The White House.

“He’s a huge fight fan, not just UFC. He’s a fight fan. He likes fighting like I like fighting,” White told TMZ.

And in true-Trump fashion, the 45th President will be amongst the people, rather than peering down from a suite. White said that Trump will be seated behind him, on the floor: “He don’t care. He’s not that guy hiding in a box somewhere. That’s not his style. Secret service has been here for the last three days going through the arena getting ready for him to attend,” per TMZ.

When asked how he thinks Trump, a long-time friend, will handle potential jeering from some members of the audience, White told TMZ that he sensed Trump would be unfazed: “That guy’s ready for anything, anytime, anywhere. I’ve never seen anybody with more energy. If you look at President Trump, what is he, 72, 73? And the amount of energy that this guy still has, it’s amazing.”

The third installment of McGregor – Poirier is expected to break, or come close to breaking the UFC record for PPV buys. After losing to Poirier in January, McGregor is currently listed as +104 on the FanDuel Sportsbook.



Written by Anthony Farris


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