Former NFL Running Back Can’t Elude Charges, Headed To Jail

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Clinton Portis never had a problem running by NFL defenders. The judicial system, however, is one opponent he couldn’t elude. On Thursday Portis was sentenced to six months in jail and another six months under house arrest for his role in a health care scam conducted through a benefit program offered to retired NFL players.

In early fall, the 40-year-old Portis pled guilty to fraud in a case that involves more than a dozen retired NFL players. The former All-Pro running back signed a plea deal admitting his association with the other players and his guilt. The former players combined to collect nearly $3 million in reimbursements for medical care and medical equipment which was never actually purchased. Portis alone collected more than $99,000.

Former NFL linebacker Robert McCune is believed to have been the ringleader of the scheme. He reportedly made claims on players’ behalf in exchange for a percentage of their reimbursements.

“Portis knew the claims McCune submitted on his behalf were false and fraudulent or was aware of a high probability that that the claims McCune submitted on his behalf were false and fraudulent and deliberately ignored that fact,” reads the plea agreement.


All things considered, Portis got off relatively lightly. He faced up to 10 years in prison. In addition to the jail time and home confinement, Portis also had to pay back the more than $99,000 he received as part of the scheme. He returned the money, but not until late December, months after he was ordered to pay back the funds.

In all, 15 former players, including Portis, were charged and have pled guilty to health care fraud. McCune is yet to be sentenced.

Portis finished his nine-year NFL career with just under 10,000 yards rushing and 80 scores. He spent seven of those nine seasons with Washington, so he should have no problem adjusting to prison life.


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Written by Anthony Farris

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