Former NFL Lineman Derek Wolfe Shares His Recipe For Going Into “Rage Mode” And It Involves Adderall and Mushrooms

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Derek Wolfe is built differently than the rest of us. I’m not sure what you do in your free time, but I’d bet a considerable sum of money that hunting then eating a mountain lion that was terrorizing a Colorado neighborhood isn’t on the list.

For Wolfe — an ex-NFL linebacker — it is. But he was just as differently built during his playing days as he is since he decided to hang up his cleats.

Take, for instance, this little recipe that Wolfe used to use to put himself in what he called “rage mode.”

Wolfe said that he used to microdose on Adderall and mushrooms before games, and where better to elaborate on habits like this than on The Joe Rogan Experience?

The answer is nowhere, and that’s precisely where Wolfe provided the details.

As you might expect the combo of Adderall and ‘shrooms provided an intense cocktail of focus, rage, and more focus.

“Before games, I was taking microdoses… I’m f—ing taking mushrooms and Adderall before I play,” Wolfe told Rogan.

“Dude, the f—ing focus is out of control. I would just, like, before games, I would get myself pissed off — so I just would start thinking about my childhood, all the s–t I went through as a kid,” Wolfe explained. “And it would f—ing get me into this rage mode. It was like this crazy controlled rage.”

If you’re wondering whether or not this practice has side effects, the answer to that question is a resounding “yes.” Wolfe said that he said some wild things while in “rage mode.”

“Just, f—ing, such a meathead. Saying wild, crazy s–t to quarterbacks. I told a guy I was going to f—ing eats his kids. It was crazy,” he said.

Yeah, that’s a little nuts.

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