Former NFL GM Suggests Dabo, Trevor Lawrence Could Be Jacksonville Package

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Is Dabo Swinney to the Jacksonville Jaguars with Trevor Lawrence in a package deal a possibility in 2021? It’s not out of the question, according to former NFL general manager Mike Tannenbaum who, speaking today on “Get Up,” said Jacksonville would be a great place to dip his toes in the NFL with everything lining up.

“There’s a lot of speculation that Dabo Swinney, who’s been on the short list of multiple head coaching searches, could be a coach that teams want to talk about,” Tannenbaum said. “This would be the perfect storm and here’s why. He’s immensely popular in that area of the country and if he can go with Trevor Lawrence right down the road to Jacksonville, with all those picks and cap room, that’s the ideal situation. I know from talking to a number of NFL general managers, they see Dabo in the same mold as Pete Carroll. A high energy guy. Pete Carroll has been a coach in the college and the pros. If Dabo Swinney was going to do it, and that’s a big if, this would be the perfect situation…If Swinney would ever go, this would be the perfect storm to do it with, following this season.”

The Jags appear to be ready to go full tank in 2020 after trading defensive end Yannick Ngakoue, releasing Leonard Fournette, spending next to nothing at the quarterback position (Joshua Dobbs, Mike Glennon, Jake Luton and Gardner Minshew are in camp) and four picks in the first two rounds of the 2021 draft.

Dabo could stroll into town and have this opportunity to build his own team and presumably take Lawrence with the No. 1 pick if the 2020 Jags can properly tank:

  • Jags 2021 first-round selection
  • The Los Angeles Rams’ 2021 first-round selection (for Jalen Ramsey)
  • Jags 2021 second-round selection
  • The Vikings’ 2021 second-round selection (for Ngakoue)
  • Jags 2021 third-round selection
  • Jags 2021 fourth-round selection
  • The Los Angeles Rams’ 2021 fourth-round selection (for Ramsey)
  • Jags 2021 fifth-round selection
  • Jags 2021 sixth-round selection
  • Jags 2021 seventh-round selection

Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. This would be amazing. As a Jags fan, it may be giving them too much credit to assume they’re thinking a year down the road. Still, if that somehow happens those dudes would be kings in Jacksonville.

  2. Hey Joe,
    From the penthouse to the outhouse?
    And a 10-year, $92 MIL contract Dabo signed last year.
    And no gar-on-tee he gets to take Trevor Lawrence with him?
    With those kind of insights, is it any wonder Mike Tannenbaum is a “former NFL GM”???

    • Yeah, also the fact that Tannenbaum threw it out there now makes it much less likely to happen. Dabo will be asked about this 87 times this year, which will lead him to make a statement on it, making it much less likely.

  3. There are some NFL fans who have blinders on and think any NFL job is an upgrade, I don’t think any folks on here are that way, but there are hard core NFL enthusiast who think that way. Dabo would be nuts to take that job. But for an up and coming coach who may be looking to jump while the time is right, such as Matt Rhule to Carolina, that is a proper upgrade for Matt.

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