Former NBA Employee Goes Rogue On League’s Facebook Account, Makes Numerous Complaints

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In a now-deleted Facebook message on the NBA’s official Facebook page, a purported former employee of the basketball league aired all sorts of grievances during a Monday morning social media breach.

The unnamed former employee, who says he/she hasn’t worked for the NBA “in weeks” tells the league’s fans that the league “overextends its’s (SIC) social media employees greatly to the detriment of their health and social lives for a salary of less than $50k annually after taxes.”

A quick check of a New York (where the NBA is headquartered) state annual after-tax calculator, an employee would gross around $67,000 in the state to take home $50k annually. Now, that gross number would likely need to be higher in New York City.

“I worked 14 hour shifts without breaks at times,” the complainer continued. “Shoutout Adam Silver.”

“We don’t get health insurance until 90 days on the job! That’s silly isn’t it?”

Here’s the stunning and brave part of this rant: The employee agreed to the terms of the contract. Someone in the NBA human resources department told Kyle or Kylie that there was a 90-day waiting period for health care. The HR person told Karson or Kylie the pay scale. The HR employee also made clear it’s a salaried position.

Yet the social media complainer took the job.

Sounds like a you problem.

“Glad I resigned, no need for a job to get in the way of your happiness,” the likely Gen Zer wrote before concluding, “Donate to mental health causes.”

When in doubt, make it about mental health and everything is better.

Stop and think about how absolutely insane it must be to run the NBA league office at a company that has fashioned itself as a flaming social justice warrior company that hires all sorts of social justice warriors who never stop complaining.

The least surprising thing you’re going to see this week is someone hijacking the NBA’s account to claim the league isn’t socially woke enough. It’s never enough.

Shame on you if you’re shocked by any of this.

Let’s take a look at some of this content that’s pumped out by the NBA’s Facebook team to see just how stressful this must all be:

Would this send you to a mental health institution? Granted, if can’t stand the NBA, this would be pure torture, but let’s be honest, this isn’t exactly writing for a medical journal.

Perhaps that’s the problem for Karson or Kylie. Maybe it was such a dumb job it turned into a huge mental grind. That’s the follow-up question I’d have for the NBA’s Facebook complainer.

If you’re the NBA Facebook Complainer, let’s talk. I want to know why you took this job in the first place. Trust me, this will be a safe space.


Written by Joe Kinsey

Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

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