Former NASCAR Driver Clint Bowyer Kills Pedestrian in Tragic Car Accident

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Clint Bowyer, a former NASCAR driver and current Fox NASCAR commentator, struck and killed a woman in an accident in Missouri earlier this month.

According to TMZ, Bowyer was driving in Lake Ozark, MO on June 5 around 9 pm local time when he hit a woman in the middle of the street. Bowyer immediately stopped and dialed 911. EMTs arrived shortly thereafter, but were unable to save the woman and she died at the scene.

(map courtesy of TMZ)

Tests show that Bowyer, 43, had no trace of alcohol or drugs in his system that night. However, the 47-year-old unidentified victim may have had “a crystalline substance … believed to be methamphetamine” near or on her person. Authorities also say that her neighbors believe she had been “under the influence of drugs.”

Bowyer, who had just worked as an analyst for the NASCAR Cup series in Madison, IL hours before the accident, has since released a statement:

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  1. Your not supposed to run over people 9pm no alcohol or drugs well he was obviously not paying attention so I might wager he was texting or something with his phone which I see people doing all the time and they can easily verify that sorry for the victim hard way to go.

    • I guess but dude, given they found meth at the scene chances are the woman was on meth. I guarantee she was J-walking. Methheads don’t typically use the crosswalk and wait for the walk signal. Maybe he glanced at his phone for a second but there never shoulda been a person in the street in the first place.

      If I’m wrong I will retract my whole statement above and acknowledge being wrong and being a dick, but all signs point to her likely being out of her mind playing frogger.

    • I looked up the road location provided on police report map via TMZ. Look up Wood River Rd & US54 in Lake Ozark, MO. That’s a fuggin highway. Lady got hit in the middle of an exit ramp from US54.

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