Former Mississippi State Player Says He’s ‘Not Very Tough’ In Bizarre Transfer Portal Statement

‘Tis the season for the transfer portal! Hundreds of players are entering their names to be eligible to play for new schools next season. Most are posting their announcements on social media. None are doing it quite the same way as now former Mississippi State Bulldog Dillon Johnson, who also made a strange comment about head coach Mike Leach.

On Wednesday, Johnson announced via Twitter that he would be entering the transfer portal and leaving Mississippi State. Johnson — a junior running back from Greenville, Mississippi — spent his first three seasons with the Bulldogs.

The beginning of his statement was like most of those before his. He thanked his family, his teammates and God. But towards the end is where it got a little strange.

With that being said, since I am not very tough, and Leach is glad I am leaving, I will be entering my name into the transfer portal with that hopes of finding a more fit playing environment for me. Thank you.

Dillon Johnson Twitter post (@Dill_7k)

Dillon Johnson leaves Mississippi State and Mike Leach with strange goodbye.

Well, then. That is certainly one way to enter the transfer portal. No word yet from Mike Leach on whether he is, in fact, happy to see one of his players heading out of Starkville.

Mississippi State running back Dillon Johnson carries the ball during a game coached by Mike Leach.
Dillon Johnson will be taking his lack of toughness out of Mississippi State and away from head coach Mike Leach. (Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images)

You have to wonder how this will affect those schools interested in bringing Johnson on board. This can’t even be explained as a frustrated kid who just had an outburst; this is clearly a designed graphic that someone took the time to create.

This statement had thought behind it and presumably Johnson received some input from others. Perhaps Dillon Johnson just has a sarcastic sense of humor and this is just a joke.

If not, it can’t reflect well on the young man who is now looking for a new school to call home.

Written by Dan Zaksheske

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