Former English Soccer Player Madelene Wright, Who Was Cut For Partying Too Hard, Works On Her Tan Topless

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Former English soccer player Madelene Wright made headlines back in late 2020 when she was cut from the Charlton Women’s team for partying too hard. Reports at the time revealed that videos of her inhaling balloons and drinking champagne in her Range Rover surfaced on Snapchat.

Charlton investigated the incident and cut ties with soon to be internet star. The partying at the wheel proved too much for another soccer team to take a chance on her. Back before the internet this would have been a devastating turn of events.

Former English Soccer Player Madelene Wright Works On Her Tan Topless
Former English soccer player cut for partying (Image Credit: Madelene Wright/Twitter)

Locals would have discussed the waitress at the diner who used to be a professional soccer player but blew her chance because she liked to do some partying. A middle-aged Madelene with a couple of kids at home and a slight drinking problem would be completely oblivious to the chatter.

Thankfully that’s not the case. Soon after Madelene’s partying got her booted from soccer, she picked up a couple hundred thousand followers on Instagram. Today she’s sitting at almost 330k.

But that’s not the end of this hard partying soccer player’s story. The world of content wasn’t going to let Madelene end up in the diner just yet. In 2021, she hopped on OnlyFans, where she quickly raked in more than $600,000 in her first several months.

“With what happened, it did open up a lot of doors for me in other industries,” she said after revealing her OnlyFans income last summer. “And It happened very quickly, a lot of brands started getting in touch.”

The Transition From Soccer Player To Content Creator Has Been A Seamless One

“A couple of clothing brands, bikini companies, and some sports companies wanted to work with me,” she continued. “One company even offered me a football boot deal. It was almost like one career had ended, while another one was just beginning.”

It’s crazy to think some partying could end a soccer career of someone who hasn’t reached their 25th birthday. A soccer team in the states should have been the first call she received.

You want to grow the sport here? A hot blonde who likes to party running around creating headlines would have got the job done. There’s no reason too worry about what could have been.

Not when what’s taking place now involves working on a tan topless. That’s exactly how Madelene spent some of her free time on Wednesday.

OnlyFans Model Madelene Wright Topless
Former soccer player turned OnlyFans model (Image Credit: Madelene Wright/Instagram Story)

While Madelene might have never reached her full potential in soccer, there’s no reason she can’t as a star in the content game. As we’ve witnessed over the years navigating social media is a lot like the Field of Dreams.

If you create the content the people will come. The better the content the more people. Everyone loves a good athlete turned OnlyFans model story.

Summer is right around the corner and it beats the hell out of working as a waitress in a diner. Here’s to a strong summer of content for Madelene Wright.

Written by Sean Joseph

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