Former Boxer David Haye Traded One Of His Two Girlfriends For A Twerk Instructor

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Former boxer David Haye retired from the sport back in 2018. But that hasn’t turned him into a guy who has let himself go while sitting back with his feet up. Quite the opposite actually.

The former cruiserweight turned heavyweight is a very busy man. He spends his days now with the occasional exhibition fight and by juggling multiple girlfriends. That’s right, the 42-year-old is currently in a throuple.

David Haye poses with the ring girls after defeating Joe Fournier (Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images)

Haye, who had a 28-4 professional record, started the new year by revealing that he had two girlfriends. He posted a picture with model Sian Rose and singer/songwriter Una Healy, while announcing he had started January with the “correct energy.”

That energy was apparently hanging out with a couple of bikini-clad women. Not just any bikini-clad women, bikini-clad women who were also both his girlfriends at the time.

That sounds like correct energy to me. Energy that most of us will never experience. Unfortunately, even in throuples, there are times when the relationships go south and end.

Haye’s relationship with Rose and Healy, sadly, is one such throuple. The relationship with Healy took a turn and came to an end.

In early March, Haye announced the unfortunate development. He said, “We experienced an unexpected opening in our team, but the invigorating atmosphere at the @sxmfestival ensures that we’ll soon have a full roster.”

If there’s one thing he learned during his career, which included a stint as the world’s No.1 cruiserweight, it’s to keep moving forward. Haye and Rose did just that and in early April their roster was full once again.

There Are Sad Retired Boxer Stories, This Isn’t One Of Them

The newest addition to the throuple is Michaela Jovanovic. As the Daily Mail has discovered, she’s a former twerk dance instructor.

“The new member of the so-called throuple – a three-way relationship between – is Michaela Jovanovic, a former twerk dance teacher who hails from a family of Serbian migrants living in Austria, we can reveal,” the site explains.

“The pics signal the start of a second throuple arrangement after the last one with Saturdays singer Una Healy fell apart.”

This is how retirement is done. Not one throuple, but two throuples and this is probably just the start given that David Haye didn’t even flip switch on the throuple lifestyle until 2023.

RIP to the Haye, Rose, and Healy throuple. Long live the Haye, Rose, and Jovanovic throuple. For the record I’m team Haye, Rose, and Jovanovic. A former boxer, a model, and former twerk instructor sounds like a walking party.

Written by Sean Joseph

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