Clay Travis: Dems Crying About Trump-Russia Are A Bunch of Idiots

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Make it make sense.

That’s what OutKick founder Clay Travis is asking out of all the ardent liberals who are shouting at conservatives this week, accusing the party and former U.S. President Donald Trump of being in support of Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Clay delved into the nonsense during Friday’s OutKick the Show.

“Ukraine is such a disaster that people on the left-wing can’t answer is if Donald Trump was such as Russian agent, why didn’t Vladimir Putin invade Ukraine while Trump was president?” asked Clay.

“If Trump was truly a Russian agent, there would’ve been virtually no opposition if he had made the choice to do that.”

Clay points out how Putin had the perfect chance to strike if he was buddy-buddy with No. 45.

“When you look at what happened, Vladimir Putin didn’t invade for four years.

“Why in the world did nothing change? Why did nothing change while Trump was president, and then as soon as Biden became president the invasion happened?”

Clay even challenged left-wingers to exercise some common sense in their assessment.

“Explain something that actually happened that would make you believe that.

“That’s something that Putin desperately wanted. Instead, he waited until you had Joe Biden in office.”

Rather than pointing out certain uranium deals that Hillary Clinton used to conduct with the Kremlin, the libs prove to be willing to hold on to the fake Russia narrative until world’s end.

“There’s no real good answer so they fall back on the Russia collusion narrative, which is a tough one to sell.”

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. You`d think Biden would do a better job of defending Ukraine. Hell, he extorted 1B dollars from them to save his son`s job on their Gas and Energy board when he was VP. Liberals are so fucked up. They`ll believe anything you tell them as long as it`s anti Trump.

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