Food Price Hikes Leave Americans Suffering: Tomi Talks Food Crisis with Family Dairy Farmer

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If you’ve been to the grocery store lately, it’s no secret the cost of food prices are up. In
fact, the cost of “food at home” is up almost 12% from last year — the biggest jump since 1979.

Ground beef is up 36%, eggs 32%, poultry up nearly 17% and dairy is up almost
16% year-to-year.

This week on Tomi Lahren is Fearless, Tomi said if you think our American farmers and ranchers are cashing in on these prices, think again.

Not only are they being undercut by foreign products shipped here on the cheap
and marketed as “product of USA,” our farmers and ranchers are also battling high fuel
prices, high equipment costs, a broken supply chain, a labor shortage … “let’s go Brandon,” Tomi said.

Fourth generation dairy farmer and agriculture advocate Stephanie Nash joined Tomi in-studio to discuss.

“Climate change is the biggest scam of our country,” Nash said. “You know, the Biden administration decided they want to spend $44.9 billion on energy infrastructure and climate change and making a difference. And they’re really just running money through Washington, D.C., if you want to be honest with your food supply — what is killing off our food security here in the United States is education. People sitting at home believing that this vegan lifestyle and going against agriculture is our future.”

Here’s everything the two had to say:

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