Floyd Mayweather Is Reportedly Engaged To Lead Stripper From His Club

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What in theee hell is Floyd Mayweather Jr. thinking? The Sun tabloid is reporting the 43-year-old boxing legend with a long history of relationship problems (an understatement) is officially engaged to British stripper Anna Monroe, who’s the lead stripper at Floyd’s club called the Girl Collection. Monroe has posted Instagram photos showing her sporting a massive ring that tipsters now say is the official engagement ring.

A source tells The Sun that Floyd’s mad the relationship news broke and then he decided to pop the question Saturday. Monroe, 29, whose Instagram bio says she’s a mother, is also reportedly talking kids with Floyd.

Floyd, what are you doing [Hands on my head, shaking my head]? Are you trying to end up back in court on some sort of charge? If you’re going to settle down, it shouldn’t be with the lead stripper at your club.

There are four simple rules all men should follow in life, and it’s not even close:

• Never fall in love with the stripper while out with your boys after 18 holes and multiple Fireballs

• Never date the stripper

• Sure as hell never marry the stripper

• Cut your grass on Thursday night so it looks incredible throughout the weekend

This guy might be the most brilliant pound-for-pound defensive boxer in history, but he has to be straight up one of the dumbest men out there when it comes to finding love. Strippers were programmed to drain your finances down to zero before they move to Miami and start ‘dating’ an Italian wallet tanned leather 65-year-old steel magnate who walks around with limes in his hands.

In 2012, Floyd spent two months in a Las Vegas jail on a domestic battery charge. In that case, Mayweather was charged with hair-pulling and arm-twisting a former girlfriend while two of their kids watched.

I hate to throw my services into the ring, but I feel like someone has to speak up for Floyd and his fortune, which includes a $275 million payday from the 2018 Conor McGregor fight. Has Floyd gone canoeing with Anna Monroe? Have they lived together long enough to get to the bottom of the toothpaste tube? Have they gone camping and worked together to pitch a tent? Have they gone on a road trip without the use of an iPhone for directions? Has Anna Monroe ever called Floyd at 7 to see when he will be home from the golf outing that started at 8:30?

Floyd’s iced out ass is about to be taken to the cleaners, but at least I tried to talk him out of the hornet’s nest. My work here is done.










Written by Joe Kinsey

Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

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  1. Ah now I get Joe’s angle with these stories and I got to say…props to you, man. We need more of this education for the brothers out there.

    And just remember the words of the guy who invented strip clubs… ‘a fool and his money are soon parted’.

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