Florida Woman Does Ballet, Irish Folk Dancing During Sobriety Test

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There are many ways to fail a field sobriety test. A Florida woman added doing ballet and Irish folk dancing instead of the exercises to the list earlier this year.

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office recently released the body camera footage of Amy Harrington’s field sobriety test from back on April 27. According to deputies, the 38-year-old had rear-ended another vehicle and showed signs of impairment.

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When deputies arrived on the scene, they said Harrington had slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, and an odor of alcohol on her breath. They also found a white foam cup in her vehicle’s cup holder with liquid that tested positive for alcohol.

When in doubt start dancing

During the field sobriety tests, Harrington struggles to follow the instructions and is unsteady on her feet as she attempts to perform the exercises. She is given multiple attempts during the almost nine-minute video to complete them.

Harrington was unable to perform the exercises and starts doing ballet and Irish folk dances instead.

Florida woman dancing during field sobriety tests.

Early on Harrington seemed to be very aware of the fact that she wasn’t going to pass the tests and can even be heard asking the deputies to arrest her.

“Look, if you’re going to arrest me, just do it now,” she said. “I already told those people that I would pay for all of that.”

A few minutes after asking to be arrested, she was placed in handcuffs and arrested.

Now I would never encourage drinking and driving. But if you do find yourself in a similar situation and you know you’re going to fail the tests, just know turning it into a viral moment is an option.

After her performance, Harrington was arrested for DUI with property damage and refusal to submit to testing. The affidavit pointed out that this wasn’t her first time refusing to submit to testing. She also did so back in March 2019.

Written by Sean Joseph

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