Florida Teacher Was Running A Fight Club In Her Class, According To Police: ‘No Screaming, No Yelling, No Phones’

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Everyone knows the first rule of Fight Club beside the kids at one Florida middle school, according to police.

You DO NOT talk about Fight Club!

According to investigators, a Tallahassee middle school teacher was running an operation out of her classrooms that was something straight out of the movies, except instead of Brad Pitt smoking a cig & throwing bombs, there were young kids serving as the fighters.

Florida middle school teacher Angel Footman is accused of running her own Fight Club. / 20th Century Fox / Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office

WCTV reports that Angel Footman, 23, was arrested on contributing to the delinquency of minors charges after a school resource deputy was told about students being allowed to fight in Ms. Footman’s classroom. Sixth-grade girls — let’s be honest, those are the worst-possible Fight Club eyewitnesses ever because there’s zero chance they’re keeping their mouths shut — told police there were “planned fights’ during the school day and students were allegedly told “30 seconds, no screaming, no yelling, no phones” in reference to her Fight Club rules.

It gets better for the Internet, and worse for society — allegedly.

Police say someone broke another rule of Fight Club by capturing video footage from the School Room Scraps where Footman is reportedly heard saying “no screaming, no nothing” and she orders the fighters to “stop pulling hair.”

Ms. Footman doesn’t deny there were fights, but she says she didn’t serve as the Don King of this operation. She didn’t book matches. However, Angel says she didn’t stop the fights.

“From the outside looking in you can see that her action, or inaction, was just unacceptable at any place in a classroom in Leon County Schools,” Leon County Schools Public Information Officer Chris Petley said in a statement released Monday.

Footman was fired March 24.

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