Florida Teacher ‘So Honored’ To Take Elementary Students To Gay Bar On A Field Trip

A Florida school board member, who’s also a teacher, took to Facebook this week to say how “honored” she was to chaperone a group of elementary students to a local gay bar & grill for a field trip.

Sarah Leonardi, who is a school board member for Broward County’s Public Schools in District 3 along with a teacher who primarily teaches English at the high school level, fired up Facebook to tell constituents about the students having a big day at a bar & grill that serves up an appetizer called the ‘Ka’monawannalaya’ dip and a Ivana Hooker burger.

“I was SO honored to be invited to chaperone Wilton Manors Elementary’s field trip to the incredible Rosie’s! The students and I had a fun walk over and learned a lot about our community! A huge thank you to Rosie’s Bar and Grill for hosting this special field trip every year!,” Leonardi wrong on her official school board Facebook page.

Ah yes, a special field trip to a bar & grill. Just like the old days when kids would walk with their teachers to the public library or the local history museum featuring a two-headed calf.

Not in 2021. No sir.

Now the kids at this elementary school head on over to Rosie’s where ‘Young Ranch Hand’ sandwiches are on the menu.

Florida elementary student field trip gay bar Rosies
Florida elementary students went to a gay bar & grill for a field trip / Facebook

A quick trip through the photos from the field trip shows students posed for a photo while wearing their masks in front of Rosie’s and used Crayons to color pumpkins with a Rosie’s logo in the middle of the artwork.

The students sat masked at their candle-lit tables inside Rosie’s as they patiently listened to unmasked adults address them.

In 2019, The Babylon Bee wrote a satirized post about second graders going on field trips to gay bars. “With the signing of the Gay Bar Field Trip Equality Act, we can be assured that our state’s kids will be fully immersed in alternative lifestyle education,” the Bee wrote.

In its satirized post, the Bee had the field trip taking place in California, thanks to Gavin Newsom signing a field trip act into law and wrote, “Kids will be taken to a local gay bar and given a free beer. They will be free to ask any questions about the LGBT lifestyle, as long as they don’t condemn it. Some lucky students may even be selected to work at the bar. ‘This isn’t creepy, trust me,’ Newsom said.”

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  1. Like I have been saying get your kids out of public schools private or home school wouldn’t be easy for a lot of folks I know but this kind of stuff is out of control just amazing that they would even think of doing this really smfh

  2. How the hell does the school administration approve this shit!? My god, school administrators covering up rapes in Virginia and now this. The country is in a big, big decline thanks to the woke, diversity driven douche bags that head up our major institutions.

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