Florida State Player Sits Out Practice Because Of NIL, Then Transfers

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After reportedly expressing displeasure that his NIL deal had been temporarily suspended, Florida State starting defensive back Jarvis Brownlee entered the transfer portal. We’ve officially reached peak college football free agency.

Brownlee, a redshirt junior, ultimately decided to pack his bags after he sat out the start of spring ball because he had allegedly not been compensated for an NIL deal, even though he did not actually meet the necessary requirements for the deal.

In other words – show me the money, no matter what!

Earlier this month Ingram Smith of The Nolecast, alluded to an NIL issue as the reason Brownlee was opting out of spring ball: “The Jarvis Brownlee situation is an interesting one & I am sure there are 2 sides to every story. As I understand it, the frustration is not about the lack of an NIL deal. IMO, there was one present.”

Smith continued: “From what I have heard Brownlee did not meet the (minimum) requirement of the agreement and as such compensation has either been delayed or will not be occurring.”

If true, such terms were apparently unacceptable for Brownlee.

On Thursday morning Brownlee announced his intentions via Twitter: “I decided to enter the transfer portal. I feel that this is what is best for me and the goals and aspirations that I would like to accomplish. Lastly, I want to thank my family for supporting me throughout this tough decision. I am looking forward to this new journey, but I will always appreciate my time here at Florida State University.”

Interested teams would be wise to secure a Brinks trunk before pitching their program to Brownlee.


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Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. So I guess I’m missing something here. I haven’t really been following NIL all that closely. How reneged on the NIL deal? The deals that I’m familiar with are the student signs with a local restaurant and does ads for them. The schools themselves aren’t handing out checks, are they? Or was it that he wasn’t getting enough playing time to satisfy an outside deal and therefore he’s deciding to transfer?

    • Not sure on the details but I think most schools have a base NIL via businesses, jersey sales, etc. that work like a stipend for each player. Don’t quote me but I believe that’s how it works. The big money goes through individual deals and is usually reserved for star players.

      Brownlee was a starter but far from a star player. I don’t think he had an individual NIL deal and it wouldn’t make sense in this case. I think he had some other grievances with the program but this may have been the last straw for him.

      Assuming he lost a school-funded NIL/stipend I’m guessing he wasn’t fulfilling his part of the deal but that’s just how I’m interpreting it. I couldn’t find any further details on Noles247.

  2. Transfer rules and NIL are great for college football! Yay! Empower the athletes! Yay! These pussies will get their first real job and get fired for thinking you can watch porn all day on your company laptop and get paid. God help us! Gen Z/younger Millennials are pussies! Young Gen X’er here so don’t call me Boomer.

  3. The NIL World is total chaos … and will only get A LOT worse. No one is “in charge” or accountable so No One will/can accept responsibility or negotiate these “misunderstandings”.
    I vote we put El Chapo in charge. As a star student of the late Pablo Escobar School of Get-er-done, he (El Chapo) WILL keep the trains running on time. Mark Emmert OUT … El Chapo IN …

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