Florida State Athletic Director Takes Shot At Clemson While Discussing Expensive New Football Facility Without A Slide

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Florida State is set to hold a groundbreaking ceremony for its new football facility on Saturday. It will be all business, as athletic director Michael Alford made very clear.

An updated look at FSU's proposed football-only facility.
A rendering of the new building. (Image courtesy: Populous / Florida State Athletics)

He also took a direct shot at Clemson.

Attached to the indoor training facility and overlooking the outdoor practice field, the 150,000-square-foot Dunlap Athletic Training Center will cost about $100,000,000 and is only for football. Completion is expected by late summer of 2024.

An aerial look at how FSU's proposed football-only facility would connect to FSU's existing practice facility.
An aerial rendering of the new facility. (Image courtesy: Populous / Florida State Athletics)

Within the new building, there will be nothing out of the ordinary. Each and every feature will be focused on success. No funny business.

Florida State’s new facility is going to be performance-focused.

It will include position meeting rooms, a locker room, coaches offices, strength and conditioning centers, VR/performance enhancement areas, and nutrition/fueling stations. All standard things.

“It gets us modern,” said Alford.

While discussing the new facility, the Seminoles athletic director spoke to the simplicity of the space.

“Everything is geared for the student-athlete,” he said. “We don’t have a putt-putt course. We don’t have a slide. We don’t have a lazy river. Everything that we are doing is for their betterment.”

To reference a putt-putt course and a slide specifically was a direct jab at fellow ACC foe, Clemson. Whether he will admit it or not, Alford was intentional in doing so.

Dabo Swinney wanted the most fun football operation facility in the country and had it built.

The Tigers have a nine-hole mini-golf course as part of their team facility. They also have a slide.

Florida State will not have either of those things. Alford made that abundantly clear.

He was not subtle in what he was saying. It’s easy to read between the lines.

If a recruit wants to have fun, he can go to Clemson. If he wants to compete for national championships and get better as a player, he can go play in Tallahassee.

Shots fired!

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