Florida Unveils Incredible Uniforms For Game Honoring The Military

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The Florida Gators will rock awesome uniforms for the team’s November matchup against Arkansas to honor the troops.

Florida unveiled the team’s uniforms for its 2023 “Saluting Those Who Serve” game against the Razorbacks November 4, and the threads are awesome.

The Gators will be wearing black uniforms with black helmets, and the unis will definitely be among the best fans see all season.

Take a look at the awesome uniforms below.

Florida Gators will honor the military and first responders.

The school announced the following Tuesday morning while unveiling the fresh uniforms:

As part of this year’s honoring, the Florida football team will wear alternate black uniforms for the first time in school history.
In recognition of the teamwork spirit and the core values that characterize military members and first responders, each player’s nameplate on the back of their jersey will display one of five words that are synonymous with the principles embodied by those who serve.
The five terms, which were selected by a representative of each branch of the military and first responders, are Commitment, Courage, Excellence, Honor and Integrity.

Yeah, I’m all in on these uniforms and the fact you’re here at OutKick reading this probably means you are too.

I don’t care who you cheer for or what school you support, you can always admit when it’s neat to honor the troops.

It certainly feels like a lot of Americans have lost faith in some of the good people we have on our side. That’s why American Joyride exists. It exists to remind people about all the incredible men and women who have risked it all while wearing the red, white and blue.

While a college football team wearing special uniforms to honor first responders and the military is a very small gesture in the grand scheme of things, it’s still great to see.

It’s great to know there are still some people in this country who love the flag and all those who serve wearing it. Whether it’s as a cop, firefighter, in the Navy or perhaps kicking in doors and shooting people as a Delta Force operator, it all matters.

Florida will wear all-black uniforms against Arkansas to honor the military and first responders. (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

All are tough jobs that must be done, and Florida will honor those who do them November 4th against Arkansas. You simply love to see it!

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