Florida Punk Rock Show Charges Unvaccinated $1,000; Vaccinated Only $18

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This rule would really suck for someone who isn’t vaccinated but who is dating a vaccinated punk rock superfan. I don’t encourage canceling dates, but there are exceptions.

A promoter named Paul Williams proudly announced to Florida that his promotion is set to charge unvaccinated attendees $999.99 a ticket to see Teenage Bottlerocket’s June 26 concert at VFW Post 39 in St. Petersburg. Teenage Bottlerocket must be pretty good, huh? Well, there’s only an $18 charge for the vaccinated. So, you decide. 

“I’m not denying entry to anyone,” Williams says. “I’m just offering a discount.”

No offense to Williams — I have no idea who he is — but he doesn’t sound like the type of guy who should be involved with punk rock shows.

The governor of most states would probably fear standing up to Williams and his “discount.” Not the governor of Florida. Gov. Ron DeSantis views life differently.

“Charging higher ticket prices for individuals who do not furnish proof of vaccination unfairly discriminates against people who have enumerated rights under Florida law,” Christina Pushaw, press secretary for the DeSantis’ office, said of the matter.

How far employers can go with vaccination incentives and mandates remains a gray area. Mr. Williams feels this doesn’t apply to him, as his price difference is aimed at patrons. However, that may not be the case.

Remember: DeSantis’ recent executive order says that businesses aren’t allowed to make customers prove their vaccination status. The bill also says that violators could be fined thousands of dollars.

Both Andrew Zelmanowitz, a Fort Lauderdale lawyer, and Eric Feldman, a law school professor, told the Washington Post that Williams’ price hike for unvaccinated ticket buyers may violate DeSantis’ order. I don’t see how it wouldn’t. It’s nearly word for word what DeSantis said could lead to a fine.

But the results are secondary to the real question: how many concerts would I pay $999.99 to see? Honestly, the number is small and includes mostly rock bands that have been broken up for decades. 

Written by Bobby Burack

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