Florida Panthers Reportedly Hit Up A Strip Club Before Elimination Game & Then Were Elimated

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If you’re going to get your asses kicked straight out of the playoffs like the Florida Panthers, you might as well have one more team-building exercise before the boys head their different ways. The Panthers reportedly decided to make Sunday night their final trip to the strip club with a Monday night elimination game looming in Tampa.

Pat Donovan and Aaron Jacobson, who make up the Pat & Aaron Show on 95.3 in Tampa reported Monday afternoon that members of the Panthers team enjoyed a Tampa-area strip club until 3 a.m. Monday morning with the season on the line later that evening against the Lighting who had outscored the Panthers 11-3 through the first three games of the series.

Total ass-whoopin.’

And so the Panthers allegedly took some money to a club to have one more blowout before a helluva run came to a close.

“A lot of the Panthers team — I don’t want to say all of them — were partying late into the night last night,” Jacobson told listeners. “And found themselves at a local establishment in which there are women who dance for money on stages. Strip clubs.”

The Panthers promptly lost 2-0 Monday night and their season is over.

Panthers head coach Andrew Brunette was asked about the allegation and he’s saying this is #fakenews.

“Those things, I guess, happen in our universe,” Brunette said. “Check your sources. That was not the case last night.”

Challenged to check the sources, Florida Big J investigator Andy Slater, who has all sorts of well-placed sources, went to work and he sourced the Panthers strip club story and he says it’s true. Now, if you’re going to believe people in this game, it’s Slater. He has an in with all sorts of people from the police departments to the strip clubs. This guy knows people.

Listen, if you’re going to mail it in, you might as well create some news in the process so people remember this thumping for years to come. Any smart blogger will be bringing back the time the Panthers partied their asses off until 3 a.m. before an elimination game for decades. This is one for the memory bank.

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