Florida Man’s 40-Year-Old Gun-Shaped Pool Triggers Social Media War Of Words

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A gun-pool-toting Florida Man is all the rage across the Internet this week after sleuths figured out that there’s a revolver-shaped pool in a couple’s backyard.

Louis Minardi, 67, was just minding his business living life with a six-shooter-revolver shaped pool in his yard until Google Earth researchers noticed the pool and the fascination turned into Louis telling the Associated Press the pool has been there for decades.

Now, before emotions go flying off the charts around here, it’s not clear if the libs are trying to ‘out’ Louis for his gun pool or if Americans who are into cool and unique things took a liking to his pool and now it’s a big story.

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How does a guy end up with a gun-shaped pool?

Louis, now 67, says it all started 40 years ago when his high school buddy started complaining about building traditional pools and wanted to expand his brain a little bit. The friend’s timing was perfect because Louis and his wife, Raye, had a growing family and Raye was tired of watching the kids swim in a lake behind their house that was infested with snakes and alligators.

According to Louis, his wife would sit on the dock with a shotgun pulling security duty while the kids swam.

Enter Louis’ buddy Albert Jones III with a solution — he wanted to have some fun and build a six-shooter-shaped pool.

And because it’s Florida, Louis, who had a background as a gunsmith, eventually said ‘yes’ to his buddy’s idea.

“You swim your lap down the barrel,” Louis said Jones told him. “It gets deeper on that end. You can flip over from it, and then you can swim back.”

Sold. Build it.

And now there’s a gun-shaped pool behind a house on Gunn Highway in Odessa, Florida, just northwest of Tampa.

via Fox 13

Now, let’s get down to the real action and check in with Facebook where people are feuding over the 40-year-old pool. Let’s get it on!

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