Florida Man Wearing Straw Hat Stole Cash Drawer At Wendy’s Drive-Thru

The respected boundary that used to exist between the person in their car and the worker on the other side of the drive-thru window has been completely destroyed.

I blame the viral videos of people ordering drinks and then throwing them back at drive-thru workers.

That’s when everything started going south. Is it funny? Yes, but look what it’s done to society. We have people climbing through the drive-thru window now to fight employees and even robberies taking place through the window.

The latest drive-thru robbery took place last month when a man robbed a Wendy’s — he stole a cash drawer by climbing into the drive-thru window.

The Florida man, who was wearing a straw hat and mask, threatened the Wendy’s employee with a gun at 7:50 a.m. on Major Boulevard in Orlando.

He then climbed into the drive-thru window and grabbed the entire cash drawer before driving away.

People are so lazy they don’t even want to get out of their cars to rob anymore

It’s truly a sign of the times, isn’t it? People are so lazy they don’t even want to get out of their cars to rob anymore. They’re literally using the drive-thru to steal a drawer of money.

Can we stoop any lower? I’m probably going to regret asking that question, but come on. Park your car and go into the restaurant like a gentleman.

I mean what’s next, are we going to have a DoorDash-like service that does the robbery for you and brings it to your house? People are too much sometimes.

Let’s hope this guy gets caught. He shouldn’t be too hard to find. They have a pretty good description of him and his vehicle. And he’s the only person at a Wendy’s that early in the morning who doesn’t work there.

I know they serve breakfast now, and I’m sure it tastes fine, but let’s be real, not many people are eating at Wendy’s for breakfast.

Written by Sean Joseph

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