Florida Man Wearing Boxer Shorts, Socks & An Apron Was Arrested For Breaking Into A Little Caesars

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A Florida man was arrested after breaking into a Little Caesars wearing nothing but boxer shorts and socks. Prior to being arrested he added an employee apron to his look.

Chad Corn, 35, entered a Little Caesars near Pensacola after hours through an “unsecured” front door. He was wearing only boxer shorts and socks when he entered the empty restaurant.

Once inside he grabbed two bottles of water, a brownie, and an employee apron.

Facebook/Escambia County Sheriff’s Office

According to the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office, who shared a light-hearted breakdown of the events on Facebook, the door locked behind Corn after he entered the restaurant.

“With his collection of stolen items, he makes his way to the door. This is where the poorly planned escapade begins to unravel,” the post read.

“You see…the door from which he had just entered was now locked. That door failed to lock for the employees…but now worked to perfection. He has locked himself inside.”

After being locked inside of the Little Caesars, Corn tried and failed to escape through the ceiling. He eventually fell through the tiles to the floor below. This setoff the security alarm.

“Surrounded by disintegrating ceiling tiles and loosely bound wires, he falls…all the way to the ground,” the sheriff’s office said. “He lands in a tumbled heap of wires, broken ceiling tiles, and hurt feelings.”

“With stars circling his head, he gathers his senses and stands. At about this time, the alarm begins to sound. He panics and hurries toward the drive-thru window.”

Facebook/Escambia County Sheriff’s Office

Employee Of The Month?

As Corn was making his way to the drive-thru window the restaurant’s phone rang. For some reason he answered the call, which was likely made by the security company.

After hanging up he finally made his way to the drive-thru window and climbed out. He was then arrested. Corn was charged with burglary exceeding $1,000 in damages and petit theft.

The real story might be whoever is writing the Facebook posts for the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office although this particular crime wasn’t hard to joke about. Being arrested in boxers, socks and an apron is almost always funny.

That said it was still an entertaining breakdown of the crime. Prior to revealing the real charges the writer joked, “Corn is charged with impersonating a Little Caesars employee (not really).”

This came after a several jokes, including one about Corn qualifying for “employee of the month” because of the time he spent in the store and his chosen attire.

Written by Sean Joseph

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