Florida Man Broke Into A Police Station & Pooped On The Bathroom Floor

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A drunk man broke into a police station in Florida and helped himself to the facility’s amenities. He took a shower, pooped on a bathroom floor, and walked out with a uniform and bulletproof vest without anyone noticing.

Joseph Moulton, 36, jumped a parking lot fence at the Naples Police Department. He found an unlocked police car and sat in it for a few minutes until he noticed people walking out of the building.

Naples Police Department Joseph Moulton
Joseph Moulton had too much to drink before making his way into a Florida police department (Image Credit: Naples Police Department via NBC 2)

Moulton then hid in the bushes waiting for his moment to head inside. Before going inside, he shoved a water hose under one of the doors and turned on the water.

This caused at least an inch of flood damage. That was just the beginning of his evening of fun. Fun that he doesn’t remember.

After flooding the lobby, he made his way into the men’s locker room where he took a shower. He then put on a uniform shirt, pants, cap and a bulletproof vest.

The police report then claims Moulton went into the women’s bathroom. Once inside, he threw a $1,000 police radio into a toilet and pooped on the bathroom floor.

His evening of destruction inside of the police department lasted around 40 minutes and went unnoticed until after he left the building.

An employee at a nearby 7-Eleven called the police around 1 a.m. when Moulton showed up, intoxicated, in an official police jacket. When officers arrived, he was already gone.

They didn’t catch him until hours later after finding his wallet, with his ID, inside the police car. He had apparently dropped it during his night of fun.

Who Doesn’t Love A Good Florida Man Story?

When they eventually found Moulton, he was no longer wearing the police uniform and he tried to hide in some bushes. Officers arrested him and it turns out he was rolling blank tape while he was in the police department.

He admitted to having too much to drink and had no recollection of the evening inside the Naples Police Department.

Security footage filled in the gaps and Moulton was charged with felony counts of burglary and grand theft. He was released on $30,000 bail and is due in court May 1.

Breaking into a police department and hanging out for 40 minutes in the middle of the night without being noticed is impressive. Pulling it off while blacked out is tapping into a set of skills he probably never knew he had.

Written by Sean Joseph

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