Florida Man Bodybuilder Snaps, Incinerates Ex-Wife In His Backyard, Cops Allege

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Florida police say 43-year-old bodybuilder Ian Christopher Baunach is responsible for one of the most disturbing killings Hendry County Sheriff’s Office has had to deal with.

A criminal complaint unsealed Tuesday paints a picture of how the bodybuilding fanatic Baunach allegedly killed his ex-wife Katie Baunach, 39, and then incinerated the body on a “burn pile” on his property. That is where police say they found a human jawbone with a tooth still attached.

Bodybuilder Christopher Baunach incinerated ex-wife after killing her
Ian Christopher Baunach is accused of killing his ex-wife Katie Baunach & then burning her body. Hendry County Sheriff’s Office; Facebook

Court documents state that Katie went missing around September 30. On September 29, she dropped off her two minor children at a friend’s house. It was at that time Katie reportedly told the friend that her ex-husband said to come over and get items out of the house.

That was the last time Katie was seen.

Police were alerted to Katie’s disappearance and a search warrant revealed a homicide had taken place at Ian Baunach’s house. During the investigation, police determined there was a struggle inside a hallway between the garage and the foyer. A test of Ian’s vehicle trunk returned the presence of human blood and investigators soon found Katie’s wedding band and engagement ring being stored in a safe.

Ian Baunach is charged with the murder of his ex-wife, Katie, and is suspected of incinerating the body to conceal evidence / United State District Court

Ian Baunach told police there was an argument over another woman, but he went to sleep and when he woke up, Katie was gone. He also admitted to being angry over Katie filing a domestic violence injunction against him.

What about the blood in his trunk?

Ian claims that must’ve been from food after a grocery run.

What about the blood in the house?

Ian didn’t believe there was blood in the house.

What about the broken mirror police found?

Ian said he bumped it.

That same day, October 1, police discovered a burn barrel on the property that “reeked of decaying flesh.” That is where police say they discovered human remains.

During the investigation, police found 13 unregistered silencers that led to Ian Baunach’s initial arrest. Monday, he was arraigned on a first-degree murder charge.

A quick search through Baunach’s Facebook page reveals posts that in hindsight might’ve shown the escalation of trouble within his own brain and in the relationship. Last December, Baunach posted a statement reading, “Sometimes you just have to let God fix it, because if you fix it, you’re going to jail.”

Of course, now Baunach is in jail facing life in prison or the death penalty.

Katie spent her summer posting about narcissists.

“Narcissists do not pick losers. They target the best of the best. The strongest. The smartest,” one of Katie’s posts reads.

She leaves behind two children.

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