Florida Man Accused Of Assaulting Woman, Crushing Her Truck With An Excavator For Not Having Money For Drugs

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A Florida man is being accused of assaulting a woman and then crushing her truck with an excavator. The reason for his insane behavior?

She couldn’t find enough money for drugs.

According to Charlotte County deputies, 36-year-old Richard Hamilton was arrested on Sunday on multiple charges. Deputies responding to a domestic dispute call arrived as Hamilton was laughing hysterically and smashing the woman’s truck with the bucket on an excavator.

Image Credit: Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office

The incident, according to police, started on Saturday night. Hamilton drove the woman to several gas stations demanding that she find money for drugs. When she failed to do so he became increasingly agitated with her.

That’s one way to handle things

On Sunday, Hamilton drove the woman to Kelly’s Stone Sand & Boulders, where he works. Or at least worked at the time of the incident. Smashing a vehicle on company property with company equipment might be a fireable offense.

Hamilton then got out of the vehicle and took the keys with him. When the woman told him that her phone died and she could no longer call people to ask for money, he physically assaulted her.

Image Credit: Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office

Shortly after the assault, Hamilton began smashing the vehicle with the excavator’s bucket. That’s when deputies arrived on the scene and arrested him.

I know he wasn’t thinking straight, but how did he think smashing the truck with the excavator was going to solve his lack of money for drugs? You throw in the assault charge and he just makes everything worse for himself.

Written by Sean Joseph


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