Old Comment Comparing Florida QB Graham Mertz To Joe Burrow Resurfaces, Goes Viral

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A ludicrous take about Florida QB Graham Mertz and Joe Burrow has resurfaced and is going viral online.

Mertz left the Wisconsin Badgers after several disappointing and frustrating seasons. The team needed a reset after hiring Luke Fickell and the same was true for the former star QB recruit.

He came to Madison as Wisconsin’s most-hyped QB recruit in history. The Kansas native ended his career with the Badgers with 38 passing touchdowns and 26 interceptions.

Will Joe Burrow start at QB for the Florida Gators. (Credit: Doug Engle/Gainesville Sun – USA TODAY NETWORK)

Graham Mertz gets compared to Joe Burrow.

Well, an old comment from Florida WR Andy Jean from back in February resurfaced on Reddit, and absolutely blew up Monday.

The comment? Graham Mertz might be Joe Burrow 2.0.

Florida Gators WR Andy Jean compared Graham Mertz to Joe Burrow. (Credit: Doug Engle/Gainesville Sun – USA TODAY NETWORK)

“I feel like he going to come in like how Joe Burrow transferred in from another school. I feel like he’s another Joe Burrow because he actually loves the game and he’s more detailed mentally,” the receiver proudly declared.

Is Mertz the second coming of Joe Burrow?

While it’s nice to see Andy Jean is excited about his new teammate, let’s go ahead and tap the brakes on any comparisons between Joe Burrow and Graham Mertz.

Burrow’s Heisman season, which concluded with a national title ring, was one of the single best seasons in college football history.

The former LSU star finished the season with 5,671 passing yards and 60 passing touchdowns. Graham Mertz doesn’t have nearly as many touchdowns in multiple seasons. Joe Burrow completed 76.3% of his passes in 2019.

Mertz’s best completion percentage as a starter was 61.1% in 2020. Last season, the former Badgers QB completed just 57.3% of his passes and had a 1.9:1 TD to interception ratio.

There is no situation where Graham Mertz and Joe Burrow are mentioned in the same sentence. It’s truly a bit wild these comments seemingly went unnoticed for months and months to only then blow up in May.

Graham Mertz transferred to Florida after several disappointing seasons with Wisconsin. (Credit: Matt Pendleton//Gainesville Sun – USA TODAY NETWORK)

Florida fans should wait until Mertz actually plays an SEC game before buying into any hype. As someone who lived through the Graham Mertz experience for a long time, I can promise it takes years off your life at times. Wisconsin fans certainly wish him nothing but the best, but comparing him to Joe Burrow is an all-time unhinged take.

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