Florida Fan Puts ‘Hook & Hold’ On Kentucky’s Cason Wallace During Game

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I’ve seen a lot of things during a college basketball game, but tonight’s Florida and Kentucky game presented a new one. During the highly tested SEC contest, a Florida fan got a little too close to Cason Wallace of Kentucky.

The game, taking place in Gainesville, had hit the 13:47 mark of the second half, with the game tied 50-50. This is when things took a weird turn in regards to action on the court, with Cason Wallace falling into the courtside seating. For some odd reason, a Florida fan decided to hold his arm out while Wallace was trying to get back into the action, when then turned into a brief hold.

We’ve seen fans engaging with opposing players when courts or fields are stormed following an upset win, but this is certainly a new one. The Kentucky bench first alerted the officials by pointing across the court, which then led the referees to the scorers table. After a brief look at video replay, the fan walked off the court towards an open section near the tunnel.

Florida Fan Puts Kentucky Player In Hook & Hold
Florida Fan Puts Kentucky Player In Hook & Hold Via: ESPN

As Jimmy Dykes was narrating the scene, the fan received a few applauses as he was leaving the court, to the dismay of Dykes, rightfully so. Throw in some liquid courage or just a touch of stupidity, and you get a fan seated court-side briefly putting his arm around the neck of the opposing team.

Again, I’ve seen some crazy things in college basketball, but this guy might take the cake in terms of something new. Hey, at least we didn’t get any mustard bottles or golf balls on the court.

Always look for the bright side.

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