Florida Congressman Shouts “F— Ron DeSantis” During Paramore Concert While Joining Band On Stage

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If you’re heading to a Paramore concert, you might actually be stumbling upon a political rally instead.

During a show in Washington, D.C., Friday, Paramore lead singer Hayley Williams invited 26-year-old Florida Representative Maxwell Frost on stage.

“Do you see this? Do you see the future right here?” Williams asked the crowd.

Williams then asked if Frost would like to say anything to the audience.

He grabbed the microphone and yelled, “F-ck Ron DeSantis! F-ck fascism!”

So eloquent. So constructive.

Frost is really proud of himself, though. Afterward, he retweeted the video and commented, “lol they’re so mad.”

Frost β€” who fancies himself a musician β€” stayed on stage with Paramore to perform their hit song, “Misery Business.”

Stick to your day job, Maxwell.

Paramore Lead Singer Hayley Williams Hates Ron DeSantis

And she’s incredibly vocal about it.

Just last week while Paramore played the Adjacent Music Festival in Atlantic City, N.J., Williams addressed critics who said she isn’t politically vocal enough.

“I’ll be happy to tell you I’m very f-cking comfortable talking politics,” Williams told the crowd. “And if you vote for Ron DeSantis, you’re f-cking dead to me.”

You’re dead to her, but she’ll definitely still take your money. Because I doubt Paramore is passing out refunds for DeSantis voters.

That outburst, of course, came just days after the Florida governor officially announced his presidential bid.

Williams has always been an outspoken liberal, though.

Earlier this year, the Paramore frontwoman blasted multiple bills pushed by Republican lawmakers in Tennessee.

“Drag is not a crime. Gender-affirming health care for all, including our youth, is a necessity,” she wrote on Instagram at the time. “Once again our state has passed two regressive and unfathomably harmful bills.”

The bills in question ban both sexual performances in front of children and sex changes for minors.

And Ron DeSantis enacted similar laws in the Sunshine State β€” sparking outrage among Williams and others who demand the right to mutilate children’s genitals.

The Paramore tour is scheduled to run through both Orlando and Hollywood, Fla., on June 13 and 14.

No doubt we’ll get another tantrum from Williams & friends then.

Written by Amber Harding

Amber is a Midwestern transplant living in Murfreesboro, TN. She spends most of her time taking pictures of her dog, explaining why real-life situations are exactly like "this one time on South Park," and being disappointed by the Tennessee Volunteers.

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