Flo Rida Donating Over $80 Million From Settlement To Charity

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In case you missed it, Flo Rida has come through with the ultimate pay it forward move that has immediately transformed him into GOAT status.

The rapper, known for his massive songs such as “Whistle,” and “Welcome to My House,” announced that he will be donating his share of a recent lawsuit settlement, roughly $80 million, to various charities.

Flo Rida won the massive lawsuit against the Celsius drink company.


Last month, Flo Rida won a huge copyright lawsuit against the Celsius energy drink company. His suit alleged that he was owed tens of millions of dollars after he initially signed on to help promote and build the brand. At the time when he signed on, the company’s stock price was $1. Just a few years later it was over $100, and Flo proved that the two party’s initial agreement gave him 1% control of the company.

What’s wild about his charitable donation is the fact that this rarely happens. Celebrities (like most people) absolutely love making money. They’ll perform at the most random events just to keep getting paid. And here he is just freely admitting that he doesn’t need the money and that he’d rather do a good deed with it instead.

Amongst the various charities that Flo will be donating to are his Dreams for Big Kids charity that has helped foster his own Florida Youth Football League. It currently has over 10,000 players across the state and Flo Rida said that the money will only continue to help develop the league and the players.

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