Fitness Model Who Received A Military Demotion For Instagram Content Talks About Almost Dying After Overdose

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Alysia Magen, our favorite Air Force Veteran, is back talking about her journey from the military to top of the food chain influencer. This time she’s tackling a much darker subject than being demoted in the military for Instagram content.

The self-proclaimed America’s #1 peach, spent some time in rehab after nearly dying due to an overdose. Alysia’s 10 bottles of wine a day habit led to harder drugs and eventually an unscheduled trip to the hospital.

Fitness Model Alysia Magen Talks About Almost Dying
Air Force Veteran turned influencer (Image Credit: Alysia Magen)

The out of control habit didn’t really have an affect on her influencing, but she detailed the struggle that was taking place behind what made it to social media. She admitted, “The strong girl was gone – I didn’t know who I was at that time, I didn’t know I was an alcoholic, I thought it was just something to manage anxiety.”

“I would wake up in the morning shaking from withdrawal. At the time I thought that was a panic attack and I would start drinking shooters (spirits) as soon as I woke up.”

It’s Tough Being A Fitness Model Sometimes

When the alcohol wasn’t getting the job done anymore Alysia added drugs to her routine. She ended up being rushed to the hospital after overdosing. It turns out she was very close to dying when she arrived.

“The doctors said if I had been 10 seconds later, I would have died,” Alysia said. “I was literally seconds from death but I didn’t care. I had lost all interest in life.”

“Dealing with all that pain and trauma makes you want to get high to numb the pain. I wanted to get help but when you have negative people in your life, they always try to drag you down.”

This influencer story has a happy ending. Alysia’s clean and sober now after spending some time, and $10k, at a private rehab. That’s a good thing, because there’s plenty of content, some of it dirty, that needs to be created.

Written by Sean Joseph

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