Fitness Influencer Jen Selter Does The Splits In A Thong For The Gram

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Flexibility is the key to being a top of the food chain fitness influencer. Sure lifting weights and being in phenomenal shape are important assets to have. But there’s something about flexibility that ties it all together and puts the entire package over the top.

Nobody knows this better than the OG of influencing herself, Jen Selter. Flexibility is an important tool in her fitness influencer tool belt and one she often makes use of.

In between the workout sessions, the lifting, and the all important “belfies” she shares, she’s working on and featuring her flexibility.

Fitness Influencer Jen Selter Splits In Thong
Fitness influencer doing it for the gram (Image Credit: Jen Selter/Instagram)

On Wednesday afternoon, Selter decided to turn back the clock with a “do it for the gram” post. What she shared is strictly content designed for her to flex – in more than one way – on the rest of the internet.

This is an obvious head nod to the content days of early Instagram when it was all about showing off and less about the influencing that occurs these days. The early days are where she cut her teeth after all.

Algorithms and shadow banning weren’t yet implemented. There was no holding back this kind of flexing. The people decided the winners and losers then. It was a much simpler time.

Selter knew exactly what she was doing and didn’t try to mask it as anything else. This was for eyeballs and eyeballs only.

She captioned the short clip of herself ding the splits in a thong, “Today I had a ‘do it for the gram’ moment.”

“I remember my 21 year old self would always say that…BUTTTT Florida, where’s the [sun] at?!”

There’s A Reason She’s Been A Fitness Influencer For So Long

There’s a ton of pressure to innovate in the content game and come up with new ideas. While that is important, sometimes you just have to go with what works and play the hits.

Selter has been able to keep the content fresh, but she’s always kept plenty of room for the content that launched her influencing career. There aren’t many better at doing it.

The people want the hits. Because of that, no amount of intervention by the social media platform has been to keep her from building a massive following.

All these years in and Selter is still going strong mixing in the hits.

Written by Sean Joseph

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