First Grader Goes Viral Celebrating The Last Day Of School With A Stone Cold Impersonation

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There’s nothing like the feeling of the last day of school. The long boring days of sitting in a classroom, staring at a teacher ramble on about who knows what, finally give way to sunshine and days at the pool.

What a feeling. Your life would be incredible if you could bottle up that feeling and take a little whenever you wanted. Your days are suddenly wide open. You’ve got nothing to do for a few months but hangout, smash burgers and dogs off the grill, and work on your tan.

Ro Knows Wrestling Celebrating Last Day Of School
Last day of school Stone Cold celebration (Image Credit: ro_knows_wrestling/Instagram)

Back in the day you celebrated stepping off the bus on that last day with your friends. These days you tell mom to be ready, because she’s going to need to grab a video to share on social media.

That’s exactly what this first grader did. His name is Ro, and he’s far from your average first grader. This kid is a huge wrestling fan who has rubbed shoulders the likes of Hulk Hogan and the Gronk brothers.

Ro stepped off the bus on the last day of school and went right into a “Stone Cold” Steve Austin impersonation. With two milk cartons in his hand he says, “School’s out! It’s over baby! It’s over!”

He continues, “First grade is in the books, and thatโ€™s the bottom line, because Stone Cold said so. Somebody give me a hell yeah!”

He then smacks the two milk cartons together as Stone Cold would do with his beer cans and pours them over his head.

A Stone Cold Impersonation Is A Great Way To Get The Summer Started

The WWE reposted the young wrestling influencer’s video and tagged Stone Cold in it. The WWE Hall of Famer saw the perfect celebration/impersonation.

Stone Cold responded to the clip with a, “Oh Hell Yeah!!!”

That’s how you get a summer started. First grade is in the books. He gets to run wild all summer impersonating his favorite wrestlers until the first day of second grade unfortunately arrives.

Written by Sean Joseph

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