Fight On An Illinois Golf Course Ends With A Brutal Knockout

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Golf course fights all the rage these days. Everyone from MMA fighters to senior citizens are getting in on the action. The best part is anything and everything can be used as an excuse to drop the clubs and throw hands.

Look, I’m a fan. Next to golf influencers battling it out on the pages of social media, my favorite thing about the sport is all of the weekend warriors who can’t wait to settle score with their fellow golfer.

There’s something about being on the golf course that is relaxing and enjoyable for some and an excuse to lose your cool and trade punches for others. This fight at the Pasfield Golf Course in Springfield, Illinois has it all.

golf course fight knockout
Golfer knocks another golfer out during fight on the golf course (Image Credit: 217Problems/X)

There’s friendship, there’s love, there’s betrayal and, of course, there’s a brutal knockout. A brutal knockout that includes a head stomp as a cherry on top.

The fight starts on the ground with the two golfers wrestling with one another before they make it to their feet. There’s a moment when it looks like the fight is over.

That moment quickly ends when one of the golfers charges at the other one. This is a huge mistake on the part of the charging golfer.

Little did he know there’s a right hand with his name on it that’s about to put him to sleep. In the least surprising move of the entire fight, the sleeveless golfer added a head stomp.

This Isn’t Your Typical Fight At The Golf Course

The big knockout ending would be crazy enough all by itself, but this one’s even crazier thanks to the rare backstory provided by the person who recorded the fight.

According to the man who took the video, these two brawlers are buddies. That makes the head stomp ending even worse than it already is.

The man also shared more footage than he did with the original clip. After the knockout the sleeveless guy picks up his stuff, hops on the golf cart, and then leaves his KOd pal behind.

So what caused the two friends to turn on each other? The guy who took the video says he talked to the golfer on the losing end of the fight, even took him to file a police report, and the reason they were trading punches is that the guy was banging his girlfriend.

This isn’t a fight over slow play or balls being hit to close to another group or anything like that. This one involves a friend sleeping with his friend’s girlfriend.

Talk about a tough day at the course for this guy. Your friend sleeps with your girlfriend, you try to look past it and hangout, and you end up getting knocked out.

Written by Sean Joseph

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