Feeling All Raw Inside: Woman Rushed To Hospital After Downing 32 Sushi Rolls

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A 24-year-old California woman ate so much sushi at a Sushi 85 buffet that she was hospitalized. Always smart to make sure we’re getting our money’s worth on a $50 all-you-can-eat buffet, but this was barbaric.

Danielle Shapiro reportedly ate 32 rolls of raw sushi. After complaining of stomach pain, she was rushed to the nearest emergency room where she was diagnosed with gastroesophageal reflux disease, otherwise known as acid reflux.

Her entire experience was recorded (because of course it was) for TikTok.

“You’re probably wondering how I ended up in this situation,” Shapiro’s TikTok said.

We really never cared that she ended up in a hospital — we’re far more concerned with folks in danger for reasons they didn’t bring upon themselves. Starving children in Africa, meanwhile a 24-year-old California girl who probably thinks she’s oppressed thinks we’re concerned she landed in a hospital bed for overindulging in Japanese Pizza bites.

When you stuff your gullet with a buffet of sushi, you’re deserving of whatever diarrhea or “reflux” that comes your way — just sayin’.

“I am a huge fan of sushi. I like to eat it a couple times a month if I’m lucky,” Shapiro said. “We were both looking forward to the ‘all-you-can-eat sushi experience.”

Again, really weird to see this type of love for sushi because it’s really not that great. It’s definitely never been worth a hospital visit the way a slice of cheesecake would be.

“Our dinner was about two hours long because we were so stuffed we had to keep taking breaks, she added. “Immediately after dinner we were so full we had to sit in my car for about 30 minutes before driving home. My stomach felt very firm from all the sushi and probably the rice that expanded in my stomach.”

Danielle Shapiro would then drive to her boyfriend’s house to sleep it off.

“That night I went to sleep at my boyfriend’s house and I had the worst stomach ache but didn’t think much of it since I had a huge meal! I am not a morning person so when I woke up around 6 a.m. the next day I knew something was wrong,” she said.

A California women in her mid 20’s partaking in a sushi eating contest with herself isn’t a morning person? You don’t say.




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