FBI Finds Scant Evidence Of Any Coordination On Jan 6, Hardly The Insurrection The Media Wanted You to Believe

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You may want to stay standing for this.

Corroboration from an FBI report on the Jan. 6 riots has concluded that the storming of the U.S. Capitol bore no relation to a political agenda devised by the GOP, or former President Trump.

According to the investigation — exclusively released by Reuters — observing participants arrested at the Capitol on Jan. 6, collective information revealed that well over 90 percent of people stated no allegiance to a GOP-inspired objective during the rioting. “Ninety to ninety-five percent of these are one-off cases. Then you have five percent, maybe, of these militia groups that were more closely organized.”

The remaining few in this group were self-proclaimed political extremists, whose only concrete goal was to break into the Capitol — without a clue beyond this step.

Per the reporting, “Senior lawmakers have been briefed in detail on the results of the FBI’s investigation so far and find them credible.”

Allegations of a Trump-inspired insurrection have poured out from heads of Congress, the Biden President, and has also become the primary selling point for MSNBC or CNN to stir division in the nation.

Democrats has long finagled their rhetoric to assign an anti-America agenda to members of the Republic Party; desperately attempting to stick an Insurrectionist label on the only segment of the population proud to hang an American flag, or sing the national anthem without reaching a boiling point.

Still, so many questions are left stemming from the FBI’s reporting. …

Will these findings shift the media’s perspective and address the riots as an anomalous case of revolt, without a political agenda to blame? Will Nancy Pelosi demand a return on Members-Only jackets from her panel of Jan. 6 commissioners? Will Trump be reinstated before the media reinstates common sense?

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Written by Alejandro Avila

Alejandro Avila lives in Southern California and previously covered news for the LA Football Network. Jeopardy expert and grumpy sports fan that has watched every movie.


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  1. “Senior lawmakers have been briefed in detail on the results of the FBI’s investigation so far and find them credible.”

    Yet those same lawmakers are still pushing the lie that it was an insurrection led by Trump, that believing in voter ID makes you a domestic terrorist, and that Biden is the most popular president in history

  2. “Thinking your semi-automatic rifles that are actually weapons of war you have no right to have can fight government tyranny is a pipe dream because of nukes!”

    Same People:

    “Several hundred unarmed yahoos wandering the halls of the Capitol Building for a couple almost ended the republic!!!1!!eleventy!!!!”

  3. What the Taliban just did in Afghanistan was an actual *Insurrection*

    So let’s cut the bull••••. The media and the swamp creatures in the FBI/CIA wanted to broad brush paint all Trump supporters as tERroRiStS…. But honest people know better

    • Exactly. If they want to continue to avoid having an insurrection they may want to stop the threatening totalitarian rhetoric against over half the nation’s people, stop dancing all over our Bill of Rights, stop intentionally sabotaging and humiliating the military in handling countries like Afghanistan, stop sabotaging our own borders, and maybe stop endangering the hundreds of thousands of police who currently protect them. If anyone should be accused of threatening hostility it’s the current administration. Bad idea.

  4. The only thing organized was the FBI informants embedded in some of groups and egging the entire thing on. Or perhaps the capital police police opening the door and inviting people in…

    What are we up to now? 5 or 6 of the capital police onsite have “committed suicide”…..

    Yeah, Biden won. Nothing to see here

  5. I guess the FBI hasn’t looked at their own files. How many unindicted co-conspirators, aka paid informants, were there?

    Now it’s time to release the security footage that Vodka Nancy has been withholding. She won’t though, because it will tell a very different story. And our media won’t look into it. They are not news organizations, haven’t been for quite some time.

  6. Here’s a very simple point no one in the media dared admit. If those people “wanted” to have an insurrection and take over the government, they easily would have that day. What would anyone have been able to do to stop a million “organized” people? Nothing. That wasn’t the purpose.

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