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Fauci on College Football Fans Packing Stadiums: ‘I Don’t Think it’s Smart”

CNN ignored that Wuhan lab documents show that Dr. Fauci lied about gain-of-function research and instead asked him Tuesday about his thoughts on fans attending college football games. Fauci disapproved, for the college football fans who care what he says. (How many of those can there be?) “I don’t think it’s smart,” Fauci said when shown photos of fans joyfully cheering their teams. “Outdoors is always better than indoors, but even when you have such a congregate setting of people close together.” Here is what is going on: The full stadiums across the country, in both red and blue states, signaled an end to another part of the pandemic. Skeptics viewed packed stadiums as one of the final steps to normalcy, and Americans took that step this weekend. We will see how long our leaders allow it to last. The photos also speak louder than experts and anchors on TV. Witnessing college football fans cheer, boo, dance, sing, and whatever else they do is persuasive. It erases some of the fears hesitant fans may still have. Furthermore, fans across the country, those who feel they are at mild risk, showed that they were over COVID restrictions. COVID isn’t going away, […]



Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.