Fauci Says He Doesn’t Want Vaccinated Americans To Eat and Drink Indoors

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Dr. Anthony Fauci would greatly appreciate it if we all get vaccinated then go back to our basements with two masks on until further notice.

The babbling tyrant — as Buck Sexton hilariously named him — went on Mehdi Hasan’s angry MSNBC show to tell the country that, in his rule book, vaccinated Americans still can’t eat and drink indoors.

Oh, still not okay.

Got that? The vaccine won’t bring back your freedom, at least in states that listen to Dr. Fauci.

Though his statement is incredibly ridiculous, this guy still tries to control our lives. He still hasn’t explained why he demands we wear masks outside, save for the tiny chance someone with COVID walks by and sneezes directly in our face. And just last week, he admitted he couldn’t explain why COVID-19 cases in Texas are declining. A few weeks earlier, he had complained that Texas didn’t ask for his advice.

As senseless as all these statements are, media hacks like Mehdi Hasan get so excited to hear masks will stay and that people should remain home that they forget to ask Fauci to explain what data supports his demands.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. Did he seriously just make a statement the belittles the need to get a vaccine? Then why even get the vaccine in the first place is the reaction he should expect. But then he will turn around and clammer on about how everyone should and needs to get vaccinated.

  2. Wow Dr. Tony. You made an appearance on MSNBC on a show that airs Sunday night at 8 pm. Your usefulness to the American left/ media has obviously run its course. You should consider boxing up. your office and commissioning a search committee for your stethoscope.

  3. The horrible thing about this is half the country does not even connect that dots that he wants to mandate a vaccine and STILL keep the country completely closed. How can they not see that this is either 1) completely about control, or 2) the guy doesn’t have an effing clue? THAT’S what is disgusting about this guy.

  4. I cannot state this strongly enough and would be perfectly willing to say it directly to his face.

    Dr. Fauci –


    You are pulling things out of your ass in a bid to stay relevant and stretch your 15 minutes. Anyone with 1/4 of a brain stopped listening to you months ago. Of course, that means you are still listened to by the audience on CNN or MSNBC, so there’s that I suppose.


    Everyone with at least average intelligence

  5. Seriously, how gullible do you have to be to still take anything coming from Fraudci with an ounce of sincerity or real scientific knowledge still???? Honestly, this is another Trump mistake though having gone to him ever in the first place. The left loves him cause he’ll go right along with whatever they want to destroy the country.

  6. There’s a reason Der Fear Furer Fauci hasn’t visited Flo-Ri-Da and Texas. The states are open. Businesses that require face diapers are not seeing the traffic they otherwise would see.

    When the person whose job is ensuring ethical behavior within the NIH world is Der Fear Furer Fauci’s spouse, you know there isn’t any monitoring of his activities. The dog experiment sent offshore to a Nigerian lab where Beagle’s head’s were put inside a net that was full of disease infected sand flies that ate the dog’s heads while they were alive. That wasn’t an experiment that should be considered ethical. Just because the experiment was moved offshore didn’t make it ok.

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