Fauci: Attacks on Me Are Attacks On Science

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In yet another on-air conversation with Chuck Todd — who is still broadcasting out of studio — Dr. Anthony Fauci revealed that he’s getting concerned. He’s concerned about the attacks on him, which he says are just disguised attacks on science:


No one is attacking science. The problem is Fauci spends more time on TV than people who are paid to host TV shows, and he demands that we shut up and believe that SARS-CoV-2’s origin was natural, which — shockers — is now unlikely.

This guy overstayed his welcome before COVID even started. Now, each time he appears on TV, we are reminded that we are led and advised by the worst type of people: whatever type Fauci is.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. This guy is either full of himself or trying to deflect attention from the fact he lied about knowing the Wuhan lab was doing gain of function research and that he funded it with taxpayer money. Or both.

  2. This is a leftist tactic, to redirect attacks on “their” personal incompetence, lies, or stupidity as an attack on an entire group or belief in order to hide from accountability. No, no it’s not an attack on science. It’s an attack on Fauci’s refusal to APPLY it in his decision making.

  3. It’s been known since the initial covid outbreak that this lying pos is directly involved with gain of function research here and in Wuhan.
    How is it hitting mainstream news now?
    Is there an even bigger crime needing distraction?

  4. Fauci is a narcissistic sociopath with a Napoleonic Complex. Biden’s people are about to throw him overboard. He has outlived his usefulness. He just sounds like a whiny old man who is complaining about his soup being too hot.

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