Fart In A Jar Entrepreneur Stephanie Matto Says NBA Player With A Fart Fetish Paid $100k To Fly Her Out To Vegas

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OnlyFans model Stephanie Matto and her farts are back. The brilliant mind who earned hundreds of thousands of dollars by selling her farts in jars claims to have had an interesting weekend in Las Vegas. with an NBA player with a fart fetish.

Matto says an unnamed NBA player paid her and her friend Stephanie Davison $100,000 to hangout in the champagne room at the Hustler Club in Vegas on Saturday.

She also revealed that the party didn’t stop in the champagne room. The group had such a good time that they ended up hanging out all weekend.


Matto made the claims in the caption of a recent Instagram video. In the video her friend is holding a container of Metamucil as well as few other gas inducing items. Here’s part of what she said about the weekend:

“An extremely wealthy and fart fetishist NBA player bid 100k with me and (Stephanie Davison) in VIP at the champagne room at the @hustlervegas club this weekend and turns out he had so much fun with us (and was such a fan of ours) we decided to party all weekend!”

Instagram/Stephanie Matto

Which player has a fart fetish?

Who knows what really happened? Or if it happened at all. For all I know this could be made up for Matto to promote herself. But in a day when people are paying top dollar for farts in jars, anything is possible.

There could very well be an NBA player with a fart fetish who is more than willing to drop cash to spend time with a couple of farting blondes. I don’t know that the player will ever be named, but I choose to believe it happened as Matto says.

It’s just more fun that way. Especially when you try to imagine which wealthy NBA players has a fart fetish. My mind takes me straight to the top of the NBA hierarchy, but that doesn’t make it true.

Until the player is named or we find out this was just self-promotion, we’ll just have to let our minds run wild.

Written by Sean Joseph


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