Fans React To LeBron’s April Fool’s Joke That Turned Out To Be True

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It turns out the April Fool’s Day joke that LeBron James posted a week ago wasn’t even a joke. The guy really is done for the season now that the Lakers have been eliminated from the playoffs.

“I’m out for the season officially,” LeBron tweeted on April 1st last week. “See y’all in the fall.”

And then Friday NBA Insider® Shams Charania reported that LeChina is officially done for the season “for continued healing of his ankle sprain.”

It didn’t take long for NBA fans to turn their attention to that April Fool’s joke (or was he serious all along?) that turned out to be the truth. Perhaps Bron Bron isn’t a big April Fool’s Day joke guy and he prefers to break his own huge news. It’s actually a smart strategy if you’re looking to play a joke on fans while not playing a joke on fans.

Is your head spinning yet?

Where will LeBron be playing to start his 20th season in the NBA? The Lakers have major salary cap issues, and their star is nearing the end. Shaq thinks the Lakers should keep James and injury-prone Anthony Davis and overhaul the rest of the roster.

“Gotta get rid of expiring contract, gotta get rid of the projects that didn’t work and we gotta try to get younger and more athletic around LeBron. Because paper wise, when everybody did the deals it was like, ‘Ooh Westbrook, ooh this and that.’ But age is a factor. AD was hurt all year. I think he played last year but gotta keep him health. Still keep LeBron and AD, and prolly gotta make moves for everybody else,” Shaq said this week.

And the only way to get healthy for 2022-23 is to shut it down on April Fool’s Day and drive the fans into a frenzy trying to figure out if Bron Bron is genius enough to pull a joke that wasn’t a joke after all.

You make the call.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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