#FaceGate: Tom Brady Appears to Have a New Face

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Tom Brady returned from a mysterious 11-day absence last week with an appearance not like his last.

In addition to a new tan and haircut, Brady appears to have gotten a new face. 

Here’s Brady from Saturday:

Now, look at a side-by-side comparing Brady at the presser to the end of last season:

As you see, the black stripes under the eyes are hardly the difference.

Perhaps the camera angle has us overthinking Brady’s new face. But this has been a pattern since the beginning of his career. 

Meet rookie Brady, mid-career Brady, and 45-year-old Brady:

Who ya got?

Has Brady been cloned?

Are there multiple Tom Bradys?

Is the Brady still slinging the pigskin on Sundays actually a 23-year-old double masquerading as 45-year-old Tom?

In my more conspiratorial days, I’d ponder the possibility of clones. While I won’t completely rule out the possibility, I’ll keep my body double theories to Kim Jong-un.

Alas, the face changes could be a mere result of the TB12 Diet. Never eating a burger or candy bar could do that to a face, we presume as people who still eat burgers and candy bars.

If so, 55-year-old Tom Brady will be able to walk into the coffee shop as a normal civilian, unrecognizable to the public.

He’ll have all the perks of being rich and famous without the bother of being rich and famous. Luck just keeps finding this guy.

To be clear, we are not knocking New Face Tom Brady. No matter the face, he remains more handsome than the rest of us.

We just have questions. And a few concerns.


Written by Bobby Burack

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