Kim Jong Un Body Double Theory Is The Fun We Needed

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We thought Kim Jong Un’s public appearance last week put an end to the wide-spread rumors that he was either dead or close to it. But some wise theorists aren’t buying it was actually him. Kim’s appearance has sparked riveting speculation it was a body double.

Some excellent side-by-side photos point out key differences:

This isn’t the first time the Supreme Leader of North Korea’s name has come up connected to clones. In 2017, The Sun posted a video of the enigmatic dictator chatting with look-alikes.

Here’s another look at some great investigating:

I’m not exactly sure how No. 4 supports this theory but, as a mystery junkie, I’m not ruling anything out.

Former British Member of Parliament Louise Mensch is certain:

Based on that tweet, Kim is going to have to Zoom (or Skype) Mensch to change her mind.

Others blame plastic surgery. This includes Akilah Hughes, who would do the same if she were a “murderous dictator.”

You have to appreciate the honesty. And also hope she never gets the opportunity to run a country.

This story would make an incredible Netflix series. Think about it: a secretive dictator skips a few national events, is then rumored dead, a satellite image spots his train, and his return is blamed on clones. That would fill an afternoon for binge-watchers.

Whether the real Kim cut the ribbon or not, there is now a more important question to ask. Have we foolishly dismissed body doubles?

I mean, how could Axl Rose have changed looks that many times? Michael Strahan is on television more than seemingly possible. Now that you mention it, could the LeBron James we watch be a 25-year-old clone impersonating an ageless 35? Are we just going to sit back and accept Al Pacino’s voice change? Also, long live alibis.

The excitement of this speculation proves, again, why Kyle XY wasn’t given its proper support by the networks.

Written by Bobby Burack

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