New Poll: Voters Have No Faith In Big Tech, Even Less In Big Government

If de-platforming the elected President of the United States on social media isn’t your thing, a recent Fox News survey is here to remind Americans that the disapproving sentiment against overreach from Big Tech and the federal government is still alive within the majority.

Based on a Fox News survey that asked 1,001 registered voters over their approval of Big Tech, more than half of voters expressed that the tech giants — such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. — are exercising too much power over the American people.

63% of the survey’s participants said that Facebook, one of the first outlets to indefinitely suspend President Donald Trump, has exercised strong overreach and should be broken up. As for Google and Twitter, both saw a majority of voters (55% for Google, 53% for Twitter) express distrust toward their practices — a disapproving outlook fortified by its continued suspension of Conservative news sites and accounts under murky guidelines.

When asked about trust in the federal government, 68% of voters gave a disapproving view on their grab for power as the debate around the need for mandatory vaccination follows a year tested by strict lockdown guidelines.

Social media’s influence has continued to be a primary concern for Americans in the midst of racial tensions and distrust in an administration that is supported by Silicon Valley’s powerful curators.

As Twitter timelines and Facebook posts continue to replace rational thought, or human decency, within a once-unified nation, Americans worry that the careful curation from Big Tech is creating a new generation that is quick to “cancel” and anxious unless disengaged from opposing principles.

The majority of Americans continue to explore the digital side of the 21st century — 70% of voters admitting they actively use Facebook, 76% with Amazon service and 81% with Google — and so far, the social experiment has led to a grand divide in America based on its power to redefine a narrative, or nation, with only a keyboard and Post button.

Written by Alejandro Avila


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